Mobile is an important device, which you are using it for your life and communications. So, mobile number should be lucky as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology Vibrations. If the mobile is having Lucky vibrations then you will get good results in your life.

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Features of General Plan

  1. Your Date of Birth will be taken for calculation to find out your Lucky Mobile Number
  2. Lucky Mobile Number will be selected based on Basic System of Numerology

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A You can get your Lucky Mobile Number

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Features of Mobile Number Analysis



Numerology calculation applied Basic System Advanced System
Date of Birth taken for Number Selection btn-tick btn-tick
Astrology calculation applied
Based on Horoscope planetary combination, conjuctions & aspects btn-no btn-tick
Based on Birth Rashi (moon sign) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Lagna (Ascendant) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Planetary strength impact btn-no btn-tick
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Lucky Mobile Number

Question: What will happen if the mobile is having lucky Number as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology?


  • You will get positive energy
  • Your mind will work positively
  • You will get financial growth
  • Your business will grow day by day
  • Your mobile will be safe from theft or you will not misplace it.
  • All incoming calls will be happy one
  • You will be honored by the society and all communication over mobile will be positive and result oriented

So, good mobile number makes the life Happy.

Question: What will happen if the mobile is having UNLUCKY Number?


  • You will get negative vibrations
  • All your decisions taken over mobile will be problematic
  • Financial problem will increase and you will struggle for money
  • Relationship between society will not be good
  • You will miss the mobile phone or will go for theft
  • You will not pay the mobile bill properly because you will have the financial problem.

Question: Sir, I am a 22yrs handsome boy and I am finding very difficult to get the lover, whenever I call everyone is rejecting. Can I get Good lover out of lucky mobile number?


Yes, any communication generated through lucky mobile number always successful. Unlucky number makes struggles. So, out of lucky mobile number you will get very good handsome lover.

Question: How to find the Lucky Mobile Number?


If you count all the numeric digits of mobile number, the final number will be Lucky one as per NUMEROLOGY.

This lucky number is calculated based on your date of birth.

Every number is lucky if it is match with your date of birth numbers and your name number.

Every number is unlucky if it is not match with your date of birth. So, lucky number will be calculated based on your date of birth and name.

Example: 98431 55055 is the mobile number S. Sengottuvel, the total numerological value of the name is Nine. The numerical value of the mobile number is also nine. Hence, this mobile number will be treated as lucky number. Also, it is matched with date of birth numbers of Dr. S. Sengottuvel.

As per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology, number nine will be negative and problematic if it is not harmonious with your name and date of birth. There is no rule for the name number and mobile number should be similar.

If your name number is 4 or 8, you will not choose number 9 as a mobile number. Because, this number nine will cause loss of mobile phone, theft, or damage.

Note: Any mobile with Lucky Number as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology vibration will give positive results.

My best wishes to make the life happy by using Lucky mobile number.

For Consultancy ( “Sengs Systems” of Numerology )

I need the following details from you to find the Luck Mobile Number.

  • Your original Date of Birth
  • Your Birth Time
  • Your Birth Place / Country
  • Your Present Full Name
  • Calling Name
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