Avoid unlucky numbers in your life to avoid the PROBLEMS. Lucky Number will help you in all day to day situations very effortlessly and effectively.

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Features of General Plan

  1. Your Date of Birth will be taken for calculation to find out your Lucky Number
  2. Lucky Number will be selected based on Basic System of Numerology

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A You can get your Lucky Number

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Features of Number Analysis



Numerology calculation applied Basic System Advanced System
Date of Birth taken for Number Selection btn-tick btn-tick
Astrology calculation applied
Based on Horoscope planetary combination, conjuctions & aspects btn-no btn-tick
Based on Birth Rashi (moon sign) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Lagna (Ascendant) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Planetary strength impact btn-no btn-tick
Based on Planetary weakness impact btn-no btn-tick

Lucky Number Selection

According to “Sengs Systems” of Numerology, you can find out your lucky and unlucky number based on your date of birth. This lucky number you can use it for Bank accounts, Bank Locker Number, Car Number, House Lock Number, Mobile Number, Door number, etc.
Unlucky number – you have to avoid these unlucky numbers in your life to avoid the problems.

“Sengs Systems” of Numerology and Numbers :

“Sengs Systems” of Numerology works on the principal of numbers and their association with planers. All numbers are good, but it may give different results for every individual based upon his or her date of birth. When a situation doesn’t work for an individual everyone says you are unlucky and when the situation works everyone says you are the lucky one.

Each individual is also associated with number which is derived from his or her date of birth. When this individual number gets harmony with the situation it works lucky. It may be your own personal lucky number, House number, Car number, Mobile number, Account number, Locker number etc. All these numbers should match with your psychic number to give harmonious results.

Personal Lucky Number :

As per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology, personal lucky numbers are calculated with the help of your date of birth and your full name. Personal lucky numbers have a specific role in your life. After knowing your personal lucky number, you will be aware of the positive or negative vibrations in the life.

Suppose you want to make a new friend, or to know whether your existing friend will help you, or maybe you want to buy something new, or travel on a particular day etc. Personal lucky number can help you in all your day to day situations very effortlessly and effectively.

For Consultancy ( “Sengs Systems” of Numerology )

  • Your original Date of Birth
  • Your Birth Time
  • Your Birth Place / Country
  • Your Present Full Name
  • Calling Name
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