You cannot change your hand writing. But, if you change your signature then your life will change.

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Features of General Plan

  1. Your Signature will be Tested as Per Graphology
  2. Your Date of Birth & Present Signature will be taken for testing your Existing Signature
  3. Basic System of Graphology will be applied

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A In this testing you are about to know whether your signature is lucky or unlucky
Note : Separate charges applicable if you need any alteration.

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Features of Signature Testing



Numerology calculation applied Basic System Advanced System
Date of Birth taken for Number Selection btn-tick btn-tick
Astrology calculation applied 
based on Horoscope planetary combination, conjuctions & aspects btn-no btn-tick
based on Birth Rashi (moon sign) vibration btn-no btn-tick
based on Lagna (Ascendant) vibration btn-no btn-tick
based on Planetary strength impact btn-no btn-tick
based on Planetary weakness impact btn-no btn-tick

Signature Testing

Signature testing by Graphology Method

Graphology is more usually known as signature analysis. Considered both as an art and science, it is the study of and signature. The aim is of revealing the character and personality of the writer, including his or her strengths, weaknesses and abilities. As signature comes from the unconscious, it contains a great deal of information, which can be useful for interpreting ones character. Any time we write, we are under the influence of emotions that dictate our mood at the time of writing. The brain transmits its instruction via the motor nervous system for the hand to carry out. This expression is a mixture of conscious thought and unconscious automatic responses learnt as part of the stimulation. The way we think is the way we write. We cannot change our handwriting because we cannot change our thinking. But, if we change our signature then our thinking change.

What is Graphotherapy?

If anyone has negative traits such as short temperedness, procrastination or laziness, it can be removed by change of signature. This change of signature is called graphotherapy. An astrologer or any kind of soothsayer would look into a person’s palm or horoscope and explain why the person has a particular negative quality and might suggest some puja and talk about planets. But a graphologist would change the signature of the person, so that the negative trait can be removed. Each individual’s signature is unique to them and so can reveal a lot about their nature and behavioral characteristics, such as aggression and manner.

You can test your signature by graphology along with astro numerology methods,to find out weather the name is lucky or unlucky

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