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About Dr. S.Sengottuvel

Dr.S.Sengottuvel is an eminent world legendary Astro – Numerologist. He specializes in empowering the “NAME” whether it is an individual name or company name by “Sengs Systems” of Numerology. Since the date of birth cannot be altered, name alteration is the one of the alternative to overwhelm hurdles in your life through numerology. He has his own deep learning and research in the field of astrology and numerology. He is proficient for its accuracy and dedication.


Frequently Asked Services

Gambling & lottery Numerology

Some people have extremely good luck gambling, others are flops. Gambling, like anything else…

Baby name testing SERVICES

If you call your baby by its lucky name-sound it will become relaxed and will be filled with happiness. 


Success and reputation are also built around the lucky name. If name is lucky, the business will be very successful.

Lucky gem stone selection services

Gem therapy is a powerful and remedial measure. In some instances wearing the Wrong Gem

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