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What does it take to be a winner?


Beyond analyzing the outcome of a lottery, what does it take to become a lottery winner? Is it just plain luck, or are there some numerological and astrological clues? I made some interesting observations. For instance, the birth number of 6 tops the list of moneymakers in this country. The number 6 also rules the sign of Taurus. I found that people born under Taurus won the lottery more frequently. The other Earth signs – Virgo and Capricorn – came in second and third.

Numerologically, I noticed that those with birth dates, adding up to 1 did equally well. So, if you are a Taurus and a number 1 person, your chances of winning are greatly increased.

Is there a Winning System?

Is there a sure-fire system for winning the lottery? Not a hundred percent, but there are numerous systems that attempt to narrow the odds. Gail Howard, for example, won the lottery 72 times within one year – an incredible feat when you consider the odds. The editor of Gambling Times, Ms.Howard developed the “Wheeling System.” Making use of her Wall Street background as a stockbroker, she applied business rules to the lottery and the rest is history. Her Wheeling System seems to narrow the odds considerably if played consistently.

Kenneth Dickkerson, who has also done research in this area, found that when at least two biorhythm cycles were above the critical line, a person’s chance of winning was greatly increased. Ken noticed that the physical cycle, which he also calls the “money cycle,” produced the best outcome. His observations have given him promising results.

Tips for Winning

  • Have the right attitude, and play within your means.
  • Play when you’re in your best cycle.
  • Play during those parts of the year that are compatible with your Sun sign.
  • Play when your biorhythm cycles – especially the physical one – are high.
  • Try to discover a winning lottery pattern in your stat. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.
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