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Lucky Gem Stone Selection


Gem therapy is a powerful and remedial measure. In some instances wearing the Wrong Gem can cause serious physical and/or mental disorders. It is best if Gem Stones are bought only in consultation with me.

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  1. Your Date of Birth will be taken for calculation
  2. Lucky Gem Stone will be selected based on Basic System of Numerology
Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy? A You can get lucky gem stone readings

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  1. Your Date of Birth & Horoscope will be taken for calculation
  2. Lucky Gem Stone will be selected based on Advanced System of Numerology
Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy? A You can get lucky gem stone readings

Lucky Gem Stone Selection

Gemstones and Numerology :

Numbers and its Planets:

Gemstones have been used in conjunction with numerology for thousands of years and are considered to receive their potency from the cosmic energies of various planets.

Most Numerologists affirm that wearing a gem can help ward off the malefic effects of a Number that causes suffering, by reducing that planet’s cosmic energy. However, this is largely regarded as a misconception. Gems never ‘decrease’ a planet’s energy or its cosmic rays. But they can help in weakening its ill effects. Therefore, the selection of a gem must be seriously pondered over by the Numerologists to determine whether it will truly have a positive effect.

Numerical Gemology should be studied and used by Numerologists to offer viable remedial measures for mitigating the malefic effects, and increasing the beneficial influences of Numbers. This can be achieved by strengthening Numbers that can counteract certain rays that are causing problems, or by strengthening Numbers that rule positive areas of life but are weakened due to their placement in the numeroscope.

Gem therapy is a powerful and remedial measure. In some instances, wearing the wrong gem can cause serious physical and/or mental disorders. It is best if gemstones are bought only in consultation with a skilled Numerologist.

Relationship between Gems and Body:

The five basic elements of the cosmos also are present the human body. If these are balanced, they keep the body healthy. The same elements are found in gemstones.

The fire element is present in Ruby and Coral; the water element in Pearl and Diamond; the earth element in Emerald; the sky element in Yellow Sapphire; and, the air element in Blue Sapphire.

All the gems attract cosmic rays. The Vedas tell us that the position of planets in the solar and lunar cycles at the time of a child’s birth, influence him or her throughout life. Wearing a particular gem, after a proper Numerological consultation on one’s Numeroscope, can ward off physical suffering and financial obstacles. In this way, gems serve as armor or a bodyguard.

In the human body, the soul represents the Sun, the mind represents the Moon, perseverance is the virtue of Mars, voice is influenced by Mercury, wisdom is represented by Jupiter, love is governed by Venus, and sobriety and thoughtfulness are the traits of Saturn. These planets influence a person all through his life. In addition to these planets, there are the two shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu) whose effect is also observed in life.

In Tantra Sara, a famous tantric scripture, the human body is stated to be an island of nine gems. These nine gems correspond with the nine dhatus or constituents of the human body. The gems associated with the nine dhatus are: Yellow Sapphire – flesh, Blue Sapphire – Hair, Cat’s Eye – skin, Coral – blood, Pearl – bone, Emerald – marrow, Hessonite – fat, Diamond – semen, Ruby – life force.

Gems work with both kinds of energy: physio-chemical i.e. electrochemical; and pranic, i.e. the vital life force, whether they are worn as jewellery or imbibed orally as pastes or bhasmas (powders) of the gems.

The Puranas state that gems were created from the seven different kinds of rays of light emanating from the seven major planets of our solar system. These rays were transmitted in the seven colours of the rainbow; Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven rays of light are responsible of all the cosmic existence in the cosmos, including the human body. Colours are the frequencies of light in different bands and, therefore, they emit energy in different forms that directly influence the human body and consciousness. There are hot and cold colours and colours that are neutral (neither hot nor cold). Hot colours increase heat, which results in arrogance and anger; cold colours bring calmness and balance in the life system. The neutral colours produce pleasant feelings of happiness and joy.

Benefits of Gem Therapy:

The right gemstone can prove very beneficial. Before wearing the gem in a ring or pendant, the person should meditate upon the beneficial results it will produce. Even when warn by children, where the parents are the ones meditating on their behalf, one can seen the gem working its positive effects. A pearl is especially suited to calm young children who are otherwise high-strung and hyperactive. It helps improve mental faculties and adds greater clarity to one’s thinking.

The new-age practice of placing gems and crystals indiscriminately all over the body can at times prove to be risky. Herbs or medicines would never be taken without consultation with a doctor or ayurvedic health practitioner. Similarly, gems and crystals should be used only after consulting with a Numerologist. Improper use of gemstones can short-circuit magnetic fields of the subtle body and can result in severe physical debility in certain cases.

Different planets exert their influence on different parts of the body. A weak planet in the astrological chart of a person may manifest its effects as a weakness in the part of the body affected by that planet’s cosmic energy. Gemstones have intrinsic properties to balance and harmonize the influences of planets. All the planets are connected with Numbers.

Navaratna – Ring / for boosting the power of nine Planets or nine Numbers:

Nvaratna is the astrological combination of Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu), and Cat’s Eye (Ketu). The setting of Navratna or the 9 precious gems, in their proper sequence or placement in a ring or a pendant, is prescribed in the Vedas, and can be worn by young and old alike to great benefit. One can wear it even if one doesn’t have a horoscope, or without prior consultation. Each gemstone is specific to a certain planet and imbibes the positive traits of that planet and numbers.

Benefits of Nava-Ratna:

Beneficial in diseases especially those caused by poisons. The person wearing it will not suffer any ill fortune. It also helps remove obstacles and protects against danger.

Navaratna setting method in Ring for Good Result

Navaratna setting method in Pendent for Good Result

Precious Gemstones:

Ruby (for Sun) – It gives name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the ability to command. It can raise an individual to a higher status than the one in which he was born.

Pearl (for Moon) – A pear strengthens mental faculties, calms the emotions and induces peace of mind. A pearl nose-ring and necklace worn by a bride on her wedding ensures conjugal bliss.

Red Coral (for Mars) – Red Coral helps one become more courageous. It is also recommended for blood diseases.

Emerald (for Mercury) – It helps improve memory, communication and intuition. It is also useful in obtaining wealth.

Yellow Sapphire – It is worn to enhance one’s financial status. It also removes obstructions in finding a suitable match for a girl and improves marriage prospects.

Diamond – This is worn to earn name, fame and wealth. It is also said to improve sexual vigor.

Blue Sapphire (for Saturn) – It keeps evil forces at bay and helps avoid misfortune. Sometimes, this stone reacts adversely, so it should be tested for a week before it is set in a ring or pendant and worn. It also bestows good health, wealth, and happiness and can help restore lost wealth and property.

Hossonite (for Rahu) – Rahu is said to create obstacles in the fulfillment of ambitions and goals. This gemstone improves relations with people and protects from sudden misfortune. It is said to be the best gem to avert stomach ailments, and ward off disasters and evil spirits.

Cat’s Eye (for Ketu) – This gem protects its wearer against enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases. It also works like a talisman against accidents of drowning, intoxication etc. It is also said to bring good fortune to gamblers.

Semi-Precious Gemstones:

There are 84 kinds of gems. Of these, there are only 9 major or precious gems while the rest are categorized as semi-precious gems. Some of the popular semi-precious gems are:

Amber – This is not a gemstone but a fossil resin that is chiefly red or yellow coloured. It is found generally along the coasts of England, China, and Thailand, in the form of a gum or oily substance. Worn around the neck, it calms and pacifies the mind and also protects against diseases of the throat. Its crystals are beneficial in infectious diseases. One or two beads of Amber should be worn around the neck by children.

Agate – An opaque gem, its beauty is seen only after it’s chiseled. It comes in several colours. It is a suitable gem for farmers and other manual workers. For removing malefic planetary effects, an agate should be worn as a necklet.

Amethyst – Its colour is purple and it is judged by its weight and color saturation. Due to its excess of iron content, the person wearing it gains spiritual powers. It suppresses negative emotions. It also helps a person abstain from alcohol. In the western countries, women wear it to gain the love and respect of their husbands.

Aquamarine – It is translucent, sky-blue in colour and belongs to the family of emeralds. It has all the qualities of an emerald. It is useful for those who go on a voyage. It has a calming influence worn as a necklace, armlet, amulet or pendant.

Carnelian – It is found in red, brown and orange colours. If a person feels feverish in the evening, a necklace or mala worn around the neck is beneficial for it absorbs excessive body heat. It also restores the virtues of forbearance, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Citrine – It is a transparent, yellow-coloured stone. It is worn instead of Yellow Sapphire. According to gemologists, it increases one’s fortunes. According to the Egyptians and Romans, it was useful for those who were suffering from weak eyesight or other eye afflictions. It also endears one to elders. It is a symbol of friendship.

Garnet – This is a smooth and beautiful, crimson-coloured stone and can be worn in place of a ruby. Fortune favours the person who wears a gernet and blesses him with good health and strength. It is also beneficial for rheumatism. It stops bleeding and helps prevent diseases caused by formation of stones in the kidney, promotes vigor and vitality and acts as a stimulant.

Goldstone – It is a reddish-brown in colour and has spots that shine like gold. It is very delicate. Necklaces, figurines, and shivalingas are made after cutting and chiseling goldstone.

Green Jade – It is a substitute gem for emerald. It helps increase the lifespan and, according to Chinese scholars, it sharpens the wit and has a cooling effect on the eyes. Most gemologists believe it is also helpful in illnesses pertaining to the heart, abdomen and kidneys.

Lodestone – It is a natural magnet stone, opaque, crimson-coloured, and lustrous. Due to its magnetic property, it is useful in blood-related diseases like rheumatism, arthritis etc. It also wards off the evil effects of Saturn.

Lapis Lazuli – Blue to bluish-black in colour, with golden spots like those on the throat of a peacock’s throat. It can be worn in place of the Blue Sapphire to ward off the malefic effects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu or overcome any obstacles in life. It is useful in urinary problems, tuberculosis, jaundice, diabetes and fatigue. It should always in a silver setting.

Malachite – Also known as Kidney stone, its colour is grayish-green. It is worn to prevent rheumatism, abdominal and kidney dysfunctions. If there are stones in the kidney, it is advised that the person should wear it in a ring or tie it around the waist. The stones will usually pass out through the urine. This fact is well tested and one could avoid undergoing surgery if proved effective.

Moon Stone – This is a milky-white, opaque stone. Its name denotes that it has some association with the moon, and the moon is associated with the mind. It is useful to wear when the mind is fickle or inconstant. Therefore, it should be worn to stabilize and strengthen the mind. It improves the eyesight and is also said to contribute to marital happiness.

Opal – Among all the gems, this one is the most beautiful and mysterious. It is as smooth as honey and the luster of various colours can be seen in it. It helps increase one’s devotion to God. Therefore, it is most beneficial for yogis, monks and priests. It can be worn instead of a Diamond.

Peridot – It is honey-coloured and has a smooth and shiny surface. It is found mostly in Myanmar, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Virginia (U.S.A) and New Mexico. It can help fulfill the wish for begetting son, or money and good health. It is also useful in warding off black magic, evil spirits, epilepsy, etc.

Serpentine – It is light green in colour. In ancient times, it was used to make utensils. Food was prepared and eaten in these utensils. Poisoned food placed inside vessels made from serpentine was said to show up by changing the colour of the vessel to yellow. It protects against ailments pertaining to the abdomen.

Tourmaline – It consists of many substances and simultaneously represents three planets – Mercury, Venus and the Sun. It contains all the qualities of their gems – Emerald, Diamond and Ruby. It can be worn by anyone and never has a harmful effect. Children, who are weak in studies or slow learners, must wear it. Green or yellow tourmaline is effective in increasing knowledge and progress in trade. White tourmaline is useful for those in the creative disciplines.

Turquoise – Its colour is sky-blue or greenish-blue. It contains phosphorous, aluminum, copper, and some water content and also shines after being polished. Astrologically, it is related to Ketu. This Gem is a must for those who go on adventurous journeys or pilgrimages. Its colour changes according to the changes in seasons. Since medieval times, it is believed that it destroys hatred and increases love.

Onyx – It is a smooth stone that is found in many colours. It is a substitute for an Emerald. It is beneficial in neck cramps as well as backache. It also helps in building a happy married life and cultivating purity of thought.

Gemstones: Setting, Size and Ring Fingers:

Once you have bought the gemstone of your choice, it should be set in a ring or a pendant. You must ensure that the gem is set in such a way so the stone stays in contact with the skin. Gems should be set singly by themselves, as certain gems are incompatible with others and may produce undesired effects if set together in the same piece of jewelry. However, there are certain exceptions, as in the case of specific talismans, where certain gemstones are set together to benefit from their combined effect.

Size Selection:

It’s important to wear gemstone rings on the prescribed fingers. A Yellow Sapphire must be worn on the index or forefinger as it signifies the planet Jupiter. The middle finger stands for Saturn, so the Blue Sapphire should be worn on it. The third or ‘ring finger’ is for the Sun, Moon, and Mars, so a Ruby, Pearl, or Red Coral ring should be worn on it. The little finger stands for Mercury, so this is the optimum finger for wearing a ring set with an emerald or green jade.

In palmistry, the thumb is connected to the ‘Mount of Venus’. As we don’t generally wear rings on the thumb, diamonds rings should be worn on a friendly planet’s finger, either the middle finger (Saturn), or the small finger (Mercury). Hessonite and Cat’s Eye are also worn on either the small or middle finger. Pendants are best worn at either the throat chakra or the heart chakra level for maximum effect.

The size of the gemstone is also important. Most of the primary gems that include Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Hessonites are facet-cut and transparent. These stones should be over 1 carat, or more, depending upon your budget. Diamonds and Rubies are so potent that a 1 carat gemstone should be sufficient. (There are five carats to a gram of weight). Pearls are chosen by size and weight, depending upon one’s body weight. Generally, a pearl of 5 carats is quite potent. A Red Coral should be at least 6 to 8 carats, and a Cat’s Eye at least 3 carats in weight. The price of a gemstone is determined by its purity, clarity and weight and so may vary between different gemstones.

Where to Buy:

Usually gems are in some way treated, or enhanced, and although they are beautiful to look at and still worth their monetary cost in the trade, they no longer possess their inherent vibratory healing qualities. Trust only companies that specialize in natural gemstones and give an unconditional guarantee.

The Power of Gems:

Gems are storehouses of power. This power is transmitted when the gemstone comes in contact with the human body. Kings and queens were known to have gemstones set in their crowns to harness their power and potency. High Priests wore rings and pendants studded with gemstones during ritual ceremonies, and as a sign of their elevated status. Gems exhibit their powers in subtle or direct, beneficial or detrimental ways.

Ancient cultures used gems and sound vibrations to direct the subtle forces of nature. The occult power of gems is said to have caused natural calamities such as the destruction of Atlantis. They are said to have been the catalyst for moving huge blocks of stone that were used to build the pyramids in Egypt.

Ancient scriptures of various faiths have described gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny. Gems bring peace, prosperity and happiness. Favorable gems bestow name, fame and power.

The inherent power of gemstones is recognized by modern science. For instance, the technological use of crystals in watches, lasers, and computers helps improve their accuracy and speed of data processing. However, their ability to promote physical healing and well-being, and their role in helping balance human emotions still elude substantiation by medical science.

A Good Source for Gems:

Since ancient times, India has been a prized source of gems. It has also been renowned for the highly specialized knowledge its astrologers and gemologists possessed about the use of gemstones. Gems were highly valued for their beneficial properties and for their use in rituals and ceremonies. Their use in ornament and adornment was of secondary importance. Gems were known to increase the flow of different energies. People used them both for personal benefit, and it temples where many could benefit from their energies, as they prayed to the deities.

Gems are the life force of the mineral kingdom. In Vedic texts on astrology, there are several references on gems being the storehouses of different energies transmitted by the planets of our solar system. They are also a connecting medium between the earth and the other stars and planets, the link between the physical energies and subtle ones. Therefore, they harness specific energies to help enhance the quality of life in several ways.

How to find good Quality Gems:

Gems to be capable of transmitting cosmic, planetary rays that may enhance physical, emotional, or spiritual health or attract positive influences, they must firstly be natural. Synthetic gems are created in a laboratory and do not have the capability to absorb, reflect or transmit cosmic radiations. They are not effective for any type of healing whatsoever.

Gems also transmit cosmic colours that are in turn absorbed by the chakra centers in the ethereal body and, therefore, they must be of excellent clarity. Otherwise, there may be some disturbance in the transmission of the rays that would alter the effect and sometimes even create an undesirable effect. Therefore, we choose gems that are ‘eye-clean’, meaning there are minimum inclusions within the stone.

A Numerologist will know what types of inclusions are permissible in a particular gemstone. The more flawless a gem and the greater the saturation of color, the higher will be its value.

Gems must not be heat-treated to enhance color or clarity, nor irradiated or treated in any way to improve their appearance. It is a fact that 98% of all sapphires and rubies, as well as certain other stones, are subjected to heat treatment, such as irradiation, to improve their appearance. In some cases, heat-treated gems such as rubies or blue sapphires may still be very expensive because in the jewelry trade it is accepted and does not reduce the value of the gemstone. For jyotish numeric (or) ayurvedic purposes, this nullifies the inherent potencies and effectively “kills” the gemstone. So, always buy gems from a specialist to ensure they are totally natural and untreated.

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