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Whether he / she will be a good partner in dating. Will this relationship will last. This service will help to make your date special.

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Features of General Plan

  1. Your Name & Date of Birth will be taken for calculation to find out your dating / love compatibility
  2. Dating / Love Compatibility will be analyzed based on Basic System of Numerology
Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy? A You can get your compatibility details

Features of Premium Plan

  1. Your Name, Date of Birth & Horoscope will be taken for calculation to find out your dating / love compatibility
  2. Dating / Love Compatibility will be analyzed based on Advanced System of Numerology
Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy? A You can get your compatibility details

Dating / Love Compatibility

This is the unique services in which we will check whether you are dating with the right person. Whether he / she will be a good partner in dating. Will this relationship will last. This service will help to make your date special. Both the partners dating compatibility will be check “Sengs Systems” of numerological both by date of birth and name. In general the character, health, sex life, is also included. Special dating tips, dates according to your dating partner will also be suggesting to have a romantic evening.

Sengs’s Numerical Relationships in Dating

Did your know that not only signs of the zodiac are attracted to each others, but so are numbers. This is why time honored tradition and observation have found that certain signs in the zodiac seems to more harmonious with one than another. For example, in astrology there are signs very compatible to the other, especially signs that are ruled by the same element nature, such as the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Then, there are the opposition signs. Opposition signs have a completely different way of thinking and acting from the other. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “opposites attract”. While it may be true in some cases, as a rule a love-hate relationship can develop. Well, the rule applies to numbers as well. How does it work! Let’s say for instance you happened to be born on the 16th of the month. In numerology you are considered a number 7 person (1+6=7). Then, let’s say the other person of interest is born on the 6th of the month. Therefore this potential choice of a mate would be considered a number 6 person. To learn the potential harmony or disharmony between you and your possible mate, numerically speaking that is, go to your number in this chapter and see how you compare with theirs. Keep in mind the following descriptions are strictly between the numbers. However, it also depends under what zodiac sign you were born. It’s this combination of both your zodiac sign and the number you or your mate selection carry makes for an endless combination.

Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, you are a number 1 person. This also includes those under the sign of Leo.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 1

With this set of birth numbers, you’ll more than meet your match that’s for sure. You like to be in total control, and so does your mate. That’s because you’re both strong willed individuals. So, it’s refreshing for a change to find someone not afraid to stand toe to toe with you, be it business or pleasure. You both are known to be direct and to the point with each other; and when it comes to bedroom antics, that’s the least of your worries since you’re not afraid to tell each other how you wish to be pleased. Look for the months of February, April, and August to be significant and beneficial as a rule. On the scale of love, this one rates a strong 8 to 10.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 2

This is an ideal combination from the standpoint your mate know who’s the boss right away! As if they haven’t figured that out already! Interestingly enough your nature according to the numbers actually compliments each other. Because the number 2 mates seems receptive and attentive to your needs and desires; there are a few areas they can improve on as far as you’re concern. That’s only because you like to have things your way. There will be times after the initial novelty wears off, you’d wish your 2 mate were stronger and take a stand sexually. Even better, be more forceful; take it! The months you share together are February, July and August. Romantically, this relationship rates between 5 and 7.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 3

Since the both of you tend to be work alcoholics by numerical nature, you would be able to understand each others’ busy life-styles which is usually away from the home. You’re likely to find however, your number 3 mate, often introduces you by both name and title to their friends. You both share an air of youthfulness and a positive approach to life regardless of the challenge. As a couple together, you’d heat up the place once you finally get the chance to relax and loosen up; much to your physical satisfaction. March, April, August and December, as a rule, are your best months. The scale on this busy one rates an 8 to 10.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 4

According to the laws of numbers, there is a strong affinity between the both of you. In many ways you compliment each other. In fact, you once shared a common planet known as the Sun. As a number 1 your energy is longer and stronger. Your mates’ is shorter and cooler. However, you both bring light and energy into the relationship; you take the lead and they find you most fascinating. When the doors are closed, you may be in for an interesting surprise not seen initially on the surface. Get it! The months you both romantically share are February, April, and August. Love scale vibes between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 5

Excitement and adventure awaits the both of you when you come together. You’re both fiercely independent; self-reliant and have a need for personal space. When dealing with a number 5 mate, it’s best not to ask too many questions about their comings and goings. Feeling restricted, they’ll fly away. Because of the energy between the both of you and your cosmic chemistry you’re not afraid to express yourself in the most interesting of places, at any time. It doesn’t take long to get in to it. February, April, June, August and October are what you have in common. Love scale tiles adventure between a 7 and 10.

If you are a number 1 and your mate is a number 6

This is a situation where control issues may eventually become a problem if not caught early on in the relationship. In a sense, you both have the style and flair that initially draw you together. However, in the long term; when up-close-in-your face reality sets in, that’s another story. You, for example, dictate your own terms. Your mate would like to dictate terms they expect at home and personal expectations. But you don’t like holding hands all day. You like action, and plenty of it, be it in business or in the bedroom. The reality check on this is you don’t share any months in common. This one rates around 3 and 6.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 7

In a sense you can become very involved in the beginning. But you’d have to have some of your mates’ spiritual or metaphysical components if you want to get deeper into the relationship. You like to take charge, for example, and get right to the point. Your mate would prefer deeper analysis and reflection of a matter before taking action. Sexually, your mate is more exciting than they appears, especially when the lights are low. Although you don’t have many months in common, look to February and July to stand out. The cosmic tilt on this one is between 4 and 7.

If you are a number 1, and your mate is a number 8

Here, we have a combination where the business side of the relationship, actually becomes stronger than the emotional side over a period of time. Both numbers, found on the “mental” plane in Numerology, are excellent for any enterprises you want to meet with success. You both can appear equally “cold” outwardly, but this isn’t true. You’re just objective and observant. Once you get home, talk about the day, then get into a sexual groove, somebody had better be ready. Although there is an affinity, you don’t have months in common. Love scales hovers between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 1 and your mate is a number 9

This is usually a set of numbers that click right away. It’s like the beginning (that’s you) and the end (that’s them). You like their brashness, bravado, and daring (even if it’s faked later on) right away; and added to the fact you both like being in charge. It’s like two bosses trying to boss each other around. But, there’s usually a healthy respect for each other, and when it gets deep down and intimate, you’ll raise the kind of sweat worthy of your physical appetites. April, August and December are the months you share. Love wise, set it off from 8 to 10.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th, of any month, you are a number 2 person. This also includes those under the sign of Cancer.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 1

Because at times you can be sensitive and unsure, it’s important you have a mate that gives you a sense of security, control, and direction. Astrologically and numerically speaking, the planets of the Moon (that’s you), and Sun (that’s them), rule this feminine and masculine energy of attraction. This makes for a wonderful compliment. At times, you may unknowingly smother your mate, so give them the space needed to venture out in your behalf. That’s the kind of influence you have. Sexually, they’re forceful, and you’re receptive. What a match! February, July and August are the months to make things happen. The tape measures between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 2

There is an initial attraction at first since you literally seem to share many things. However, as the relationship moves into a later, more committed stage, it may be wishy-washy at times. You’ll notice a perfectionist, almost critical way of getting into each others’ business. That’s the down side. On the other side of the scale, you would form a natural bond together. Not only would you two make the of best mates; also the best of friends. A natural affinity develops where you’re both on the same page, at the same time. This also includes in the sex department. March, May, and July the primary months your hormones are especially kicking. Love scale rates between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 3

What’s likely to attract you about a 3 mate is their social, expressive and outgoing personality. This has advantages because it brings you out more. Understand however, that your nurturing, protective style may get in the way of their work alcoholic ways. They’re not the stay at home type. In this regard you have to make a decision to stay in the relationship or kick them to the curb. Because the both of you are found on the “emotional plane” in Numerology, sexual emotions are easily aroused and expressed. May and October are the months you both share in common. On a scale of 1 to 10, give this between 3 and 6.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 4

This particular mix of numbers can work well since their ruling planets are harmonious. The both of you seem to have a oneness about the way you communicate. There even seems to be similar interests in the career fields, such as computers, radio or television. The both of you are particular about things. However, you’re likely to find your mate on the moody side. So when stressful moods; that them, and emotions; that’s you, bump heads, it could make for headaches. Sexually, the compatibility is good, but look to this mate to come up with a trick or two before it’s over. February, July and August are your best months together. The Love scale says! 5 to 8 odds!

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 5

Since the both of you are good at adapting to conditions, you can easily blend into a relationship, and into each other’s heart. As things develop, if you expect this mate to sit around the house all day, forget it. It’s not in their cosmic DNA! They likes to be on the go. Depending under what sign they’re born, they may have a number of relationships going at the same time. This doesn’t sit well with you. Most people for that matter! If you expect him to bend over backwards, going down the aisle, go elsewhere. Sexually however, you can learn a lot from each other; that’s for sure. May, June, July and September are the months you share in common. On the changing scale of love, this rates between 3 and 5.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 6

Here, you both have a chemistry that’s enough to stir the blood emotionally and romantically. The planets, ruling your numbers are considered most harmonious in the world of metaphysics. You both have a love of home, family, giving advice, and are usually a sounding board for one another. Both of you are also warm, protective, and supportive. In this way you excel. On the physical plane of intimacy, satisfying one another is the least of your worries. Can this be too much of a good thing? That all depends how well you’re developed both emotionally and sexually. Quiet as it’s kept; control issues could creep into the relationship and ultimately depends on how it’s handled. Months in common are March, May, July, and October. As to the how you rate on the love scale? Say, between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 7

There is a closeness that develops between these set of numbers. But it’s usually develops over a period of time. You have to be patient and not rush. Then, things begin to click after awhile. Both of you are deeply intuitive. You can sense the energy easily between you. Your open and receptive personality causes the number 7 to open up in ways that amazes even then; because their nature is low key and usually reserved. If you expect them to be talkative, and open up emotionally right away, don’t even try it. Just let them be! In those precious moments of physical delights, a deep and emotional experience awaits the both of you. The months that usually weave the both of you together are March, May, July, and October. Numbers 7 to 10 is about right in the cosmos of love.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 8

This is an attraction of numbers; that once you two get together, has an excellent chance of being steady, faithful and long termed. Your combination of numerical elements making for a natural blend is the main reason. Your sensitive, emotional outlook; coupled with this mates steady and persistent persona just about does it for you as far as you’re concerned. Together, you can build things successfully and securely. As a team, goals can be set, and met almost to the day. And in the world of business or enterprise, you bounce well off each other. Sexually, this is a give and take situation. They may arouse slowly. When you do bond, January, March, May, July and September are months that’s likely to do it.. On the love scale, what does it get? Say, between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 2, and your mate is a number 9

What! Are you serious! This is the worst choice you can make. Let’s not get it twisted. It’s not to say that something can’t develop between the two of you. However, the numerical odds are so much against it. Perhaps there may be an underlying need involved. You need to ask questions about this one. If they drink to excess; is quick tempered or abusive in anyway, you need to get a clue. Others will question how you two got together. Your numerical energies are totally opposite, water and fire. That’s also how it’s likely to be expressed between the sheets. Honestly, you have to be very careful, and ever on the alert if you want this relationship to work out. You share no months in common, nor feelings. On the love scale: Run to the nearest exit!

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, of any month, you are a number 3 Person. This also includes those under the signs of Sagittarius or Pisces.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 1

When a number 3 and number 1 one get together, some interesting things develop; like sparks. Your birth number as well as theirs is outgoing and personable. You both like taking the lead but in different ways. Others approach you with a proposition, where the number 1 mate likes to take it. Since you both like to be in charge, respect is first and foremost. You like to flirt and they like to show off. What a combination! If your number 1 mate has no ambition, they can forget about you. You’re not having that, no way. Sexually, the sensual cells are highly charged when you finally plug-in together. February, April, August and December top the months. On the love scale between 6 and 9 gets this one going.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 2

Here is a situation where they may wind up your love-slave in the relationship if they’re not careful. Your number 2 mate is attentive; notices the little things, and sensitive to your wants and desires. Since you naturally love attention anyway, hey! Your charming and creative ways are likely to mesmerize them. Like weaving a spell! Socially, you both make the rounds, and make friends easily. This explains the popularity. Because you both, in Numerology, come under the emotional plane; this aspect of your sexual intimacy should leave nothing wanting. As a number 3, you can flaunt it, and give direction what the number 2 needs to do. March, May, July, October and December are generally favorable. Love scale odds says!. . .5 to 8.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 3

This combination is almost like a contradiction in terms; so much is the mirror reflection you both share. The irony is it’s a situation where too much of a good thing, can be just as bad as none. All depends. The glue between you two however is the natural work ethics you share. Your 3, in Numerology, is considered the “workaholic”; usually working two, even 3 (there’s that number again) jobs. Together, you’d be party animals, going to functions that open up doors and making contacts. When you two begin to sexually connect, you may find yourselves trying to outdo one another. It’s probably interesting to see. When stirring up the pot, March, April, August and December are the times to do so. The scale of love gets the juices going between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 4

If you decide to pursue the number 4 as a mate, there’s more you need to know. Firstly, your numerical energies are expressed differently. In Numerology, this is considered one of your stress numbers. For instance, your 3 nature is usually positive, upbeat and expressive. The 4, on the other hand, can be moody, reserved; with a desire to be alone. They’re likely to be younger than you, and totally opposite what you usually select in a mate. So if you find over time you’re going out to events by yourself, can’t say you didn’t read it here first. You go figure! When in those moments of sexual exchange, there can be surprising results. However, over the long term, who knows. You basically have no months in common. If asked on the scale of love, the odds? Not all that good!

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 5

Upon first meeting, you may ask the question, “Where have you been all my life”! You seem to click so well, so quickly. Initially, in the beginning, that’s true. You’re both popular and well liked. This is why you two are always bumping into someone, somewhere; somehow. You both are expressive and equally articulate. And, you’re both youthful in appearance, personality, and attitude. And sexually, you both rock the house. What energy! On the down side however, you both suffer with nerves. Yours’ is more emotional; your 5 mate, more mental. It’s like over loading the circuits or nervous system in the relationship, causing eventual friction, leading to sparks. May, June, October and December stand out. This one generates between 4 and 7 on the
love scale.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 6

This coming together of your birth numbers should bring out the most esthetic, colorful and creative side of your personalities. You both like the finer things in life and have an appreciation for all things that are beautiful, balanced and bright. You’ll notice an ease with the way you get along with one another and usually don’t have to guess work the relationship. Even in those private moments, there is a simpatico, or similarity about the way you two get into the sexual mix together. Because the number 6 mate likes to control (depending upon their zodiac sign) from time to time, you may have a problem with this. The months you share are March, May, October and December. The scale of love affectionately gives this between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 7

When the both of you join together, there is always something to learn on both sides of the relationship. You, with your outgoing and personable ways, can bring the number 7 mate out of their shell. Believe it or not, they’re usually shy, with a bark, bigger than their bite. Your 7 potential, on the other hand, brings knowledge, information and unique ideas into your world. Actually, you’re very good for them, and vice versa. However, where you can be flamboyant and sociable; they would prefer to stick close to home with something to read. Perhaps the most surprising part about this relationship is sex. When you get into it, it’s all good. The months of March, May and July tops the list. The love scale, surprisingly list this one between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 8

This is the kind of relationship where a lot of money can be made, in addition to a deep emotional relationship. The two of you are also actually good for each other. In one sense, you add the sparkle and pizzazz, bringing out the creative and positive aspects. Your mate selection, on the other hand, adds stability and practically to the relationship, making you grounded and down to earth. When the doors are closed and the lights are low, you, number 3 will get the fireworks going. Where they appear to be laid back sexually in the beginning, you’ll quickly change that equation. The months you share together are January, March, May, October and December. The range on the love scale is rock solid between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 3, and your mate is a number 9

According to the numbers, as well as the elements, your birth numbers are practically made for each other. That’s because you tend to share a lot in common, such as artistic abilities, as well as the ability to easily get along with others, regardless of what part of the world they come from. The both of you generate excitement, and as a team, would be very hard to conquer, much less discourage. If both of you make an effort, which won’t take much, to cement this relationships, you shouldn’t have any regrets at all. When the two of you get together sexually, it’s like the Fourth of July. March, April, November and December are the months you share. According to the love scale, between 6 and 10, is about right.

Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st, of any month, you are a number 4 person. This also includes those under the sign of Aquarius.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 1

What you both have in common is the planet that originally ruled these numbers which is the Sun. You two tend to be slow to action, all depending under what sign you’re born; and your number 1 mate is a person of action, as a general rule. They like to be in charge of the situation. So in this way you compliment each other by allowing them to take the lead. This also should include the bedroom. They may have to be reminded from time to time, you need a little warm up before jumping right into it. The months you both share together are February, June, July, and August. When rating this relationship on the love scales, it rounds out, say 5 to 8.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 2

This combination of numbers usually work well with each other in relationships. You, as a rule like to have order in your life unless you come under an air sign such as Aquarius or Gemini. Having a plan, thinking things through and a sense of order is much in keeping with the number 2 mate. Not only does your mate notice the little details; they have no problem telling you how beautiful you look, even down to your nails or how unique your smile is. They like you know they’re attentive. In those soft, steamy bedroom moments, you two naturally understand each other’s emotional and sensual needs. Look to February, June, July and August as your collective months. 5 to 8 are about right on the love scale.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 3

This is a relationship where others may question the wisdom of why you two got together from the start. It’s like mixing oil and vinegar. However, there is a part of you that likes to be different. Hey, you may find this one a challenge. Ask yourself is this what you want. Although your elements are somewhat in synch, however the way you express them is totally different. As a general rule for instance, you like to be low key. Your number 3, is the life of the party; as if it’s their party! You generally don’t like attention. When the two of you unrobed, getting into intimacy, there is electric energy that transcends the differences. You don’t have any months in common. How does this one rate? Don’t put the bank on it!

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 4

Well, Well! In a sense your mate is a direct reflection of your own numerical chemistry. You, for example, like to plan things out before hand. Under ideal conditions, you like to have most, if not all, of your things in place. . .order. It’s not that your number 4 counterpart is on the same page. They generally aren’t. True, they like to be organized. However, you may be involved with a number 4 that’s just the opposite. If you suggest one thing for instance, they suggest another. If you say yes, they says no. Huh!!! Now, let’s not leave out the sex part shall we! If you click in the arena of love, you’ll have fond memories to last for a very long time. February, June and August, are your months. This one uniquely qualifies on the love scale between 4 and 8.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 5

This is a combination where both numbers stimulates each other very well. You on one hand like tried and true methods. Things that make sense! Your number 5 mate however, is a free spirit, and can do things on the spur of the moment. You, like to have your day planned out. They can adjust their schedule almost instantly. If you wish to keep this one around, don’t ask a lot of questions about how, what, and when, initially. You’ll then notice them cutting back their time (if you call it that) and attention. Sexually, there’ll be no doubt what time it is. Sexciting! What months you do both share? February, June, August and September are the ones. This love scale stimulates the senses between 5 and 9.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 6

You can’t be serious!!! Not really!! This isn’t a relationship that you should bank on. True however; there are exceptions to the rule. Enjoy this 6 mate for what they’re worth, but don’t fail to look at the long term, if it lasts that long. What attracts you initially are the commonality you share such as being steadfast, loyal, and a desire to think things through. However, as you get deeper into the relationship, it leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll eventually find your 6 mate demanding more of you than you’re willing to put into them and home. Not that you can’t handle it! But hey! There’re other things you’re attempting to do. Sexually, you’re likely to make sparks instead of fireworks. How does this one rate on the scale of love? Not much to honestly speak of!

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 7

Here, we have a set of numbers that are usually ideal for each other. Although you both may be slow to warm up to each other, this combination has one of the most lasting relationships around. For instance, you both like your privacy and for this reason, are described as a “private couple”. You two don’t need people around to feel at home. You two are usually all you need, thank you. You’d like traveling to far away places, enjoying exciting, precious and private moments together. Sounds romantic? It is! It’s as if you make a sincere effort to develop the relationship. When you two sexually get busy, it would be described as indescribable. February, July and August tend to stand out as common months. Venus, the love planet, throws her weight behind this one, 6 to 10.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 8

In the world of Numerology the 4 and 8, are often considered together, “fatalistic numbers”. Fatalistic, in the sense there may be times when things seem to happen outside their own control, as if by fate, or destiny. Therefore, the general Numerology rule has been when these two numbers come together; and especially if there appears to be problems developing, it’s best to part ways. However, some of the longest relationships have been between these two, all depending on your zodiac signs. Sexually, you two seem to have a strong affinity with each other that make for intense, stimulating and unique scenarios. The months that pull you together may also pull you apart, such as January, February, July and August. Stepping on the love scale of fate, this one is destined between 4 and 8.

If you are a number 4 and your mate is a number 9

This is an odd combination together since the numerical energy is so different. Example, your number 4 is associated with “secret enemies”, brought on by jealousy, insecurity and envy. Your number 9 choice, is associated with “open enemies”, those who outright don’t like them for whatever reasons. So when the two of you get together, there are a lot of stories you can laugh about, and even cry about. Your way and their way of doing things are basically opposite. Where you like to look before you leap; your courageous 9 mate will leap first, then look. O Boy! Your sexual ways of coming together can be one for the books. Scandalous! There are no months you can speak of really; and when putting this one on the love scale of controversy, a 3 to 5 might do.

Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd, of any month, you are a number 5 person. This also includes those under the signs of Gemini or Virgo.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 1

In the world of Numerology, number 5 is described as the “sex number”, among other things. And because of this “sex-attraction”, you never have a problem having finding a mate. In the case of your number 1 mate, he likes what he sees right away, and just have to have you. Of course it’s flattering, but he can be jealous, demanding. The key is set the record straight right away that you have “friends”, and will continue to have them if you choose. Then, he wins your respect. You both like doing things new and share a love of travel. When you and your 1 mate get busy in bed, there’s an excitement that demands an encore performance. The months you share are February, April, June, and August. The love scale rating of attraction is between 6 and 9

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 2

The fact that you both are adaptable is the glue that could make this relationship work. You both adjust to changing conditions easily and are not thrown off as a result. You both understand human nature and what it takes to make a relationship. However, number 5, you don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting; where your number 2 mate usually have the patience of JOB. So, after awhile, you may grow impatient with their slow, deliberate and detail ways. And don’t start asking you a lot of questions about your comings and goings either. You’ll show them the door. On the sex tip you mix well, since they don’t have a problem helping you get to where you want to be (smile). May and October work well for you. This love scale simmers between 4 and 7.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 3

There seems to be a natural chemistry between the two of you right away when eyes first meet. There’s an excitement; an energy that gets the juices flowing almost from the start. When you come together, there is a commonality of knowing people, coming places, and a youthful spirit. You both like to be out, whether it’s all day or all night. What a partner to have! But as you begin to notice, you both can be impatience or short-tempered. This is when you have problems that could eventually overload the relationship and blow a fuse. But while it lasts, you could be in for one of the best times of your life; and that includes sexual expressions. May and October are best for you both. Adjust the love scale from 5 to 8 on this one.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 4

Your generally outgoing and sunny disposition is in stark contrast to the style of the number 4 mate, yet both of you click if you get in each other’s way long enough. It’s not an immediate attraction that’s for sure. The attraction comes about slowly, especially on their part. However, you already know if you’re interested or not. Besides, you basically attract relationships younger than you anyway. You may at times find them slow to move on things, since you like getting things done right away. Because they like to be different, and you find sex an exciting adventure, without question, you’re off the races with this person of interest. You both share February, June, August and September together. Love wise, this one hovers between 5 and 9.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 5

The both of you together would make an attractive, youthful and vibrant couple. You seem to have much in common, and you do. The number 5 rule the world of communications, business, travel, which is how you two may have met. You like the literary world and things informational. You like the excitement; and as a twosome taking risks, you would excel. Another side of this relationship is an inner understanding of each other’s personal space. However, be careful of picking up bad habits, such as excessive drinking, drug, and the like. When the night simmers down, the sexual healing heat up! May, June, September and October are your best months. The Sun shines a 6 and 9 on this love scale.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 6

The mix of your number 5 and your number 6 selection, produces an uncommon beauty in a relationship. Together, you’re great to look at and great to be with. Together, you have this grace that would do justice to any party or social event. Your 6 mate is the one to have around when you want to look good and show off. There’s also a natural respect for each other’s friends and associates, especially the opposite sex. On the down side, since you, number 5 are a combination of brains and beauty your 6 mate could show signs jealousy and control issues. Nip this in the bud rip away. Sexually together, by the way, is like an erotic, enchanted evening. May, June, September and October are your love months. The enchanted scales rate this lovesome 7 to 10.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 7

What’s likely to bring you two together is a common love of knowledge, nature and information. If invited to each other’s home; books, newspapers and other reading material are lying around, everywhere. You both also share a love of travel, and a common curiosity that always want to know, and why. You have a similar intellect that’s refreshing for a change. After the sex, there’s a much bigger world to talk about. You also share a love of privacy and space, which is so important to the both of you. If you want to see your number 7 work up a sweat, invite them into the bedroom for push-ups. You won’t have a problem getting this mate into your gym, believe it! May, July and September are the months in common. The scale on this love match, bench-press
between a 5 and 8.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 8

As a rule, the number 8 is considered one of your opposition numbers. Not that you two can’t get along! But it’ll take some getting use to if you want this relationship to work. For instance, you aren’t afraid to spend; lavishly. After all, life is short, and who knows! However, your mate would be the kind that likes saving for a rainy day. Actually, in that sense you can balance each other out. You are a free spirit. You are the kind of person that likes spice and variety in your life. Your 8 mate would prefer to be reserved, practical and slow in warming up to things. Even in the bedroom there’ll eventually be a pull and tug as which way to go. Like the bedroom, sexually, you have no months in common to speak of. A pull on 3, and tug on 5, would be about right on this scale.

If you are a number 5 and your mate is a number 9

This is an excellent combination if you and your choice of a mate are the outdoor type. You’ll find your number 9 mate daring and adventurous. You both have a common love of travel, going places near and far. Both of you like to get to the heart of a matter, since patience is neither one of your strong points. You both like exciting and stimulating things, especially if there’s an element of risk. You’re not afraid to take chances together. On the down side, if you slip into negative lifestyles, you need to ask yourself what stop you get off. Let them keep going. Sexually, you’ll be on the phone talking for days about this one. February, April, June, and August are the months you fire things up. The going rate on this love scale is 5 to 9.

Born on the 6th, 15th or 24th, of any month, you are a number 6 Person. This also includes those under the signs of Taurus or Libra.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 1

This is not what you would call the greatest relation in the world; unless you’re both professors and lawyers! Only kidding! You both have strong personalities. You both can be set in your ways once your minds are made up. You both also have a way of advising others. On the other side of the coin however, your emotional temperament would eventually clash with their stoic ways of expressions. They can be selfish, where you want to share. They can be self-center and vain; whereas you like to give credit to family and their support. So eventually, there’ll be a clash. This relationship will need working on, and speaking of the sexual side, that too! You haven’t any months in common. The love scale would be lucky if this one levels off between 2 and 3.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 2

Here, you have a numerical mate that you could really settle down with; if you’re both serious enough. Numerically speaking, it’s about as perfect as you can get. Both of you are loving, loyal and lighthearted. You both make friends easily and seem to have all the social graces when out at any event. If you’re the jealous type, it may rub you since they gets along better with members of the opposite sex in general. However on the plus side, if you have their heart, you have their heart! They will love, respect and honor you. Sexually, you two intertwine sensitivity, tenderness, and a special touch taking you both to levels of ecstasy. May, July and October are especially important. The love scale measures this up there from 7 to 10.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 3

Creatively and artistically, this would be one of the best matchmaking around. You both share a common love of beauty and creativity. You have ways of expressing yourselves that’s enjoyable; entertaining and engaging. You’re both popular in your respective circles, even having friends in common among them. When sharing a home together, you’d both expect it to be esthetically pleasing to the eyes with rich colors, music and artistic surroundings. You two would make an excellent support system for each other, giving encouragement. In the sex arena, you both display physical taste, talent and tenderness. March, May, October and December are when you’re at your best. The love stones placed on this scale range between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 4

If you were to ever have a problem of a serious nature in a relationship; this one is it! Actually, you need to avoid each other like the flu; it’s that serious. You could wind up seriously and emotionally sick. You both attract each other initially. You’re both objective, somewhat conservative, and stingy; and are usually slow in taking your time. After this however, there is a serious parting of the ways. Where you’re normally emotional and expressive, your number 4 mate will be just the opposite, almost detached; unconcerned. This doesn’t sit well with you. Sexually, you may have moments of hits and misses, with misses piling up faster. You also share no months in common. On the love scale, it’ll be lucky if it hits the mark.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 5

Here, your birth numbers are very friendly together. You, an outdoor and social person finds it easy to be attracted to this 5 mate because of their similar lifestyle. They like to be on the go. They seem to know a lot of people and like to do a variety of things. And, you both seem to naturally flow with each other. However, there are times when you like to cline close to home. Your 5 mate on the other hand, finds it hard to sit around. So, what’s the secret to keeping them? Let them go! It may sound like a contradiction, but there’s wisdom in it. In your sexual intimacy, there is also nothing lacking. Their on it! Commonly, May, June, September and October are your months of pleasure. Placed on the scale of love, this evens out between a 7 and 10.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 6

With your birth numbers the same this would explain the instant attraction as a couple. When talking to each other, there is almost affinity you have. You may even ask, “Is this my soul mate?” You both have a love of learning, a respect for education, and similarity in careers related to health or service. As a cosmic couple, you and your 6 mate are cut from the same cloth. You both have high expectations of each other and as a family, would be one of the best role models around. You both on the other hand, can be demanding, setting “higher standard” on each other, not allowing for weaknesses. But hey! This is an imperfect world. When sexually in synch, it’s passionate, sensual and down right erotic. May, July and October are your best months. The love meter put a 6 to 9 on this scale.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 7

This is a case where you and your mate are at “odds”. Odd, not so much in a negative way, but odd in the sense your style of doing things is like night and day. For instance, your persona easily mixes with others. Your 7 interest however is reserved at these things, sometimes awkward. However, as you get to know each other, there is a deeper respect that develops. You must understand however, your 7 is basically a private person and may not be home-bodied in the way you expect. You have to make the choice! This also includes bedroom situations as well. The months you share are March, May and July. Scale wise, the love handle on this is around 4 to 7.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 8

Strong and special bonds, develop from this blend of birth numbers when you two meet as a couple. In temperament, personality, interests, even on the astrological and numerical plane, you tend to compliment each other well. Both of you by nature are steadfast, and dedicated to the one you love. Both of you share a sense of purpose in the long term, such as owning a home or a business. Financially, this relationship would rank about the highest on the money charts. You both seem to attract assistance and money whenever needed. And sexually when you guys get together! It’s on the money! Place the love chips on this table from 7 to 10.

If you are a number 6 and your mate is a number 9

This is an attractive set of birth numbers that symbolizes both love and war when in each other’s company. You, the 6, on the side of love; and your 9 mate, on the side of war are interesting to see. Is this part of the attraction? Perhaps it’s because you both have artistic or musical talents to some degree. In its own mystical and mysterious way, there is a canceling out of these opposing energies when together. To keep this mate, encourage them to see the world, even if you have to bite your bottom lip. It’ll certainly pay off. And so will your sex life; heavy, hot and horny. April, May, October and November are your outstanding months. On the scale of love and war, this aims between a 6 and 9.

Born on the 7th, 16th, 25th, of any month, you are a number 7 person. This also includes those under the signs of Cancer or Pisces.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 1

According to your elements, this is a mix of water and fire. That right away should tell you something. However, if you look at the planets ruling these numbers, which are the Moon and the Sun, you can see the exception to this cosmic rule. Both of you are strong willed and individualistic. Both of you can be direct, although you’re a bit more reserved. Both of you feel that taking action of some kind is important. And somewhat like you, your number 1 mate can be detached, absent of feeling. Sexually, you may find them too assertive, but then again, you’re no slouch either. February, July and August are your common months. The love scale sways back and forth between 4 and 7.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 2

Here, you’ve met your match, cosmically that is. You are both ruled by the Moon. 7 rules the masculine side (that’s you); and 2, the feminine side (that’s them). It’s like role reversals. You compliment each other very well, and have a natural affinity mostly for the same things. Where others think you’re standoffish; your number 2 mate sees you as a person that needs privacy and desire for space. What’s wrong with that? You also sense each other’s needs easily. And speaking of ease, there’s no difficulty in the sex department. You’re likely to fog the mirrors and windows. Your months of affinity are March, May, July and October. The Ying and Yang on this love scales balances around 7 and 10.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 3

On first impression, your number 3 mate, may appear loud and boisterous for you. They want to be the life of the party and get the attention. Well, you don’t! You’d rather keep things quiet, not letting on what you’re all about. However, you’ll find this choice of a mate refreshing, as they bring out another side of you at parties and social events. There may be times when you think they’re hyper, always wanting to do something. You, a good book, a little peace and quiet, are all you need. The sexual intensity is magnetic enough to satisfy you both to ecstatic heights. March, May and October are your months of choice. The volume on this love selection ranges between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 4

When these birth numbers come together, there is an attraction; a closeness, like no other! Both of you are distinctive and unique, and you both have a special and unique way of looking at the world. You both tend to be private by nature; loners. And both of you don’t like people just “dropping in”. Call in advance! Oh! When calling you? You’ll both let the answering machine pick up the call, first. This is why others at times may accuse you of being stuck up, or moody and temperamental. Yet, when you two are together, alone, there is a mixture that’s quite extraordinary. Speaking of S-E-X! It’s scandalous! February, July and August always months that stands out. The 411 on this love call are rumored between 7 and 10. Hot!

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 5

What’s the common thread? The answer: travel, knowledge and a need to know! If you happen to have similar interests in the literary, research or science realm, this will only tighten the emotional threads. This modern world of computers, and communications couldn’t happen at a better time. Traveling together is also an experience. You seem to apply what you learned together, so share them in colorful, descriptive images. Speaking of descriptive, between the sex pages; when your sexual urges are aroused, there’s no telling the heights. If one could write a book! May, June, July, and September are your months to see the world. The love surf waves come in between 5 and 9.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 6

This is a combination that’s numerically at odds with one another, not that you can’t work it out. However, over the long haul, because of the difference in temperaments, no one would be to blame. You’re the type of person for instance, where being alone to yourself has never been a problem. On the other hand, your number 6 mate is a crowd-pleaser, and usually likes to be around people, or they around him. Where you’re reserved and private, your 6 mate wouldn’t mind having people over, even throwing a party. On the sex tip, this wouldn’t exactly be what you’d call a party either. March, May and July are the months you share. 4 to 6 are about the best one can do on this scale.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 7

This meeting of the same birth numbers can make for a mystical and magical mystery. As a couple, you’d like to travel to places together where there’s the sun, sand and sea. Both of you, having an affinity to water, could walk the beach for hours, or simply stare out at the ocean. Both love to get to the bottom things and find out the cause behind them. You both are knowledgeable of the world and have a deep respect for culture, and things of a spiritual nature. When the lights are low and the door is closed, you two can work up quite a sweat, which is why you usually sleep in the buff. The months of March, May, July and October you share together. The scale on this love boat docks between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 8

The interesting thing about your set of birth numbers is although you don’t rank high on the emotional scale, you’ll notice number 8 persons in your life ranging from parents, to children and lovers. In a numerical sense the connection is tied to your elements. Your number is ruled by the element of water. Your number 8 interest is ruled by earth. Anything of beauty you wish to plant, always need these two elements together to make anything grow. So perhaps this is the common tie that may bind you together. You two can also germinate interesting things in the bedroom, almost experimental (smile). January and July stand out in your charts. Nature puts this on the love scale of 5 and 8.

If you are a number 7 and your mate is a number 9

In Numerology, the 7 and 9 are found on the intuitive or spiritual plane. Together as a couple, you’d love to travel and see the world in all its’ facets. And although your elements are totally opposites, your numerical energy, and what they represent, are so similar. Almost like a catch 22! You both are strong willed and have a good deal of insight into the “other world”. You’re able to stimulate each other to levels unknown before. Speaking of stimulating, sexually that is, it’s almost too much to speak of. You’re sure to do each other justice where it counts most. May and October are the months you collectively share. Sailing on the seas of this love scale averages between 6 and 9 knots.

Born on the 8th, 17th or 26th, of any month, you are a number 8 person. This also includes those under the sign of Capricorn.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 1

Your business like attitude, is just perfect for this number 1 mate, who basically think the same way. This is why when goals are set, the both of you are likely to reach them on the prescribed date and time. Since both of you are found on the mental plane in Numerology, others may perceive you both as being cold, and without feeling. But it’s on this level that you understand each other perfectly. You’re intense; they’re assertive. You’re practical; they’re a risk taker. When it comes to the bedroom, you both seem to compliment each other’s needs. You don’t have months in common. Love wise, this gets a clinical evaluation of 5 to 6.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 2

Your birth number, along with your mates’, is practically what the doctor ordered. . You’re both practical, with an eye for detail. Your element of earth, along with their element of water, could make for a rice garden; all depending on the seeds you plant together. You’ll find this number 2 mate very attentive and understanding. They seem to know what you want almost without having to ask. Sexually, it’s enough to draw the birds and bees out of their nest. January, March, May, July and September are your common months. On the love scale, this hums between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 3

As a success couple, this would be an ideal match between you and them. You’re known to be a hard nose, and a serious minded worker. They’re workaholics and likes to keep a number of things doing. In both cases, your mind set is to succeed despite the odds. That’s why you both like challenges. You seem to rise to the occasion. Your mix of numbers not only leads to potential prosperity, but personal and emotional happiness as well. And sexually, there is an intensity and creative expression like no other. The months you have in common are January, March, May, October and December. The love scale finds this one bullish between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 4

Under the laws of Numerology, it’s suggested that these two birth numbers should avoid each other at all costs. Yet, the irony is, these numbers are often attracted to each other, and tend toward long relationship. Perhaps it’s because they’re both associated with forces outside of your control. It’s almost like fate or destiny steps in and takes over. The 8 side of your nature is conservative and practical; where your number 4 mate, could be rebellious and unconventional; eventually causing a clash of some kind. You may also find a clash in the bedroom. . Your months of destiny are January, February, July and August. Stepping on the scale of fated love, this one is destined between 4 and 8

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 5

Right away these birth numbers generally collide. That’s because their numerical energies are totally different in temperament, scope and space. Strange enough however, if you share a common career interest such as business, public life, it just may work. But this certainly wouldn’t be a marriage made in heaven; that’s for sure. You, number 8, usually like a plan, a sense of where you’re going and why. Your 5 mate can do things by the seat of their pants, without any planning. And if you plan on your sex life to be hot and idyllic, you can forget that too! You haven’t any months in common. Between 3 and 4, just about does it on the love scale.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 6

When these two birth numbers come together, just about anything can happen. You’re just made for each other, and the similarity is almost uncanny. You both also have an ability to generate lots of money, and together, find that the least of your worries. You both have a love of family, and would love to own property, preferably a house with a fence on all sides. Romantically, you’re both faithful and loyal and would rarely stray on each other. When it comes to those intimate moments, its’ likely to be deeply intense and long lasting! January, May and October are the months that stand out. On the love scale place this solidly between 7 and 10.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 7

Although there is an initial attraction, it may not be as strong as you’d like it in the long run. The common thread between you is the tendency to be misunderstood on first meeting. You both, as a result, need a little time before others warm up to you. You’re both very comfortable in private moments, even sharing this privacy in public settings. They however, are difficult to know. They like to keep things tucked away inside, not hiding anything. If you’re patience, and you got plenty of that, you’ll draw them out. This includes intimate exchanges of the deepest kind. January and July are outstanding in your charts. The cosmic aspects put this on the scale of love between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 8

If the both of you are positive and spiritually based in personality and disposition, this union can create a long, strong and deeply committed relationship. You both seem to understand there are higher forces at work that guide us all. You both aren’t afraid to meet challenges and face your fears. You both also seem to be driven, once your mind is set on something. Materially and financially, your chance for prosperity, wealth and abundance as a twosome is very high. But it’ll take time. It also pulsates and pleases the pleasure zones of your sexuality. January, March, May, October and December are your months. 6 to 9 are the range on your love scale.

If you are a number 8 and your mate is a number 9

You and your 9 mate coming together can produce an awesome couple. You both have a magnetic personality that just stands out. Together, there is almost nothing you both can’t accomplish since you’re both powerful in your own special way. You are both leaders in your respective careers and understand what each has to do. However, if you have a negative mate who indulges them self to excess drinking, or physical abuse, cancel this one right away. The positive number 9 mate brings a lot of energy to the table. This you find inspirational, and so will you find it in your sex life; taking you to the stars. January, April, May and October you share. Set your heavenly sights on this love chart between 6 and 9.

Born on the 9th, 18th or 27th, you are a number 9 person. This also include those born under the signs of Aries and Scorpio.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 1

Your birth number and theirs are actually good for each other. You tend to compliment each other’s goals and dreams very well, right from the start. Where you, number 9, have the ability to finish things; they’re good at launching things new, giving it life. You’re both driven by a passion to succeed no matter what, which is a hard attitude to beat when together. You’re both active and energetic. No doubt, you’ll meet your match with this one. They are not afraid to be up front, and neither are you. And when it comes to the sex that’s definitely up front too! Bold, brash, just the way you like it. The month you both share are April and August. Love scale on this dial locks in between 8 and 10.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 2

Now, why would you want to choose this one for a mate? At least that’s what others may be thinking, even saying aloud. Cosmically, and numerically speaking, that’s because you’re at opposite ends of the metaphysical pole. Unless your numerical name happens to add to a 2, or their numerical name adds to a 9, could this possibly work out! Now, if you’re having a great time with this mate selection, and feel offended, don’t be. It goes deeper than that. There may come at a point when a serious clash develops and if you were to continue this relationship, you need to understand that. Sexually, at first yes, but later, uh hum! You haven’t any months together. And on the love scale it’s not worth weighing.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 3

If you both happen to be in artistic endeavors, chances are good, this is likely to be how you’ll meet. Both of you have a flair for the dramatic and are not afraid to display your talents, skills and abilities; such is your confidence and theirs. This is why you’d make a great team together. If traveling together to foreign countries, you’d have the best of times. And since you’re both ruled by the element of fire, there’s no telling how high you you’ll turn up the sexual heat in the bed room. March, April, November and December are your auspicious months. The love scale on this one raises the Fahrenheit between 6 and 10.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 4

Are you second-guessing yourself with this one, number 9? All may not be what it appears to be with this number 4. Not that they’re deceptive or anything. The 4 is normally not open and up front in the beginning, the way you prefer it. Just tell you what time it is, and you’ll know how long to stay. Where you have those who come up to you with outright accusations; your 4 choice, would have to deal with those who undermine them secretly, behind their back. It’s like, if it’s not one thing for you, it’s another for them! In the bedroom, you may not be on the same page either, but when you do click, it’s off the hook. There are no months you share. Going back and forth, the love scale swings between a 3 and a 6.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 5

Boy, is this a good combination! It’s as good as you can get; provided you’re willing to deal with a short-term relationship. Sticking around too long is not the number 5’s greatest strength. They likes to be free, to come and go when they please. If you can deal with that, fine. Together, you’d do well traveling from place to place, since you both have a tremendous amount of energy and a curiosity to no end. You would do well in literary efforts together also since writing talent is indicated. In the bedroom, you could write the Karma Sutra, the sex guide, over again. April, June, and August are the months you share. The erotic position on this love expression is around 6 to 9.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 6

Artistic and musical expressions should run throughout this relationship. Even though you, or your number 6 mate, may not be an artist or musician, let’s say; you both appreciate those who express themselves this way. You both tend to balance the scale between that fine line called love, and hate. This is why once you get to know each other better you know how to fine-tune each other to bring out your best. And speaking of bringing out the best, bed wise, sexually, it couldn’t happen to a better set of number. Months in common are April, May, October and November. The fine line on this love scale is drawn between 6 and 9.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 7

With both of you sharing the “Plane of Intuition” in Numerology, there’s almost an automatic connection between you. And although your styles are totally different, yet, there seems to be a similarity at the same time. Sounds crazy! But you would both love to travel the world to faraway and ancient places. You both seem to also respect each other’s space. You can be lively, flamboyant, and full of flair. You’ll find your 7 mate however somewhat laid back; penetrating, and mysterious. You’ll find your sexual depths go to very deep levels with this one also. May and October are the months you share. You’re likely to submerge on this love scale at a depth of 6 to 9.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 8

The merging of your birth numbers’ could evolve into a successful business adventure, if you share similar career interests. Together, as a couple, you and your mate can accomplish wonderful things, and it would grow into the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. But it’s slow going at first, because your energies are so initially different. You like getting things done right away for example. Your number 8 mate may plod alone, making sure before moving on. This may work your nerves, and your sex life, since once you’re feeling it, heated, that is, you’re ready to get it on, and so should they. January, April, May and October you share. The merger on this love scale sets between 5 and 8.

If you are a number 9 and your mate is a number 9

When you two get together, you may as well call in the Fire Department! That’s how hot this relationship can get. It’s ridiculous! You’re both strong minded personalities, and would make a commanding presence together in any arena of life. You’re both leaders, and have an equally good opinion of yourselves. It’s almost funny! Together, you’d love to travel the expanse of this world, and see its’ wonders. In the sexual world of wonders, it should be a sight to behold, again and again. Your auspicious months together are, March, April, May, October, and December. This sizzler on the love of scale ranges between 7 and 9 degrees.

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