Free Camp is a free Numerology consultancy services conducted in various parts of Tamil Nadu, INDIA by the public charitable trust. Dr. S. Sengottuvel is the managing trustee of the SPA. Sengoda Gounder Memorial Charitable Trust (Reg. No.3991/2008).

    This trust is conducting Free Camps, the motive of the Free Camps is to serve the very poor peoples and economically weak and physically disabled persons.

    There is no age limit to participate in this Free Camp. Personal Name Alteration and Child Name Alteration only given in this Free Camp, because human life will be transformed into bright full life, successful life and healthy life through Numerologically lucky name vibrations only. So, Lucky name is the very fundamental of the human life. It is like a oxygen, it is like a food.

    The Free Camp date will be announced in Tamil News papers (a regional news paper in Tamil Nadu, INDIA). The peoples those who are interested to participate in this camp, they should book the appointment by phone.

    FOR CONSULTANCY ( “Sengs Systems” of Numerology )

    FOR CHILDREN ( age below 10yrs )

    I need the following details of your children:

    • Present full name with initial
    • Original Date of birth
    • Birth time
    • Birth Place / Country

    FOR ADULTS ( age above 10yrs )

    I need your following details:

    • Your Present full name with initial
    • Your original Date of birth
    • Your Birth time
    • Your Birth / Country

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