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How do we use this information? We use the personal information you supply us, including your membership registration data. It enables us to provide you with personalized free predictions. In addition, this information is used in a demographic manner to enhance services of, personalize your experience and provide you with special offers and services that we find valuable for you. also uses your information described above to:
  • Personalize and enhance the website and services such as providing you with your personalized predictions.
  • Send occasional personalized information about and its features, unless you have ‘opted out’ of receiving such communications.
  • Contact members occasionally for feedback regarding and its services.
We may also use demographic information that we collect, to develop summary reports for our own advertising strategy and for other advertisers. An example of a summary report might be “100,000 people clicked on this link and of those people, 30% were members and were above 23 years of age.” Since our membership is global, we may also track which country our members live in and whether it might be feasible to offer services in their own language and make other decisions to enhance your overall experience of the website. What are cookies are and how uses them? Random numbers that are assigned to you to identify you to a website is known as a “cookie”. As a standard practice, assigns a random number to you when you become a member. This number is only activated when you log in as a member to open your birth data information so that we may deliver personalized predictions based on your birth details. Cookies are only served by our server for the session and are not kept on your computer. Without cookies, we would not be able to deliver the personalized predictions to you. It also saves you from entering your birth details every time you want a free personalized prediction or “mantra”. does not require users to accept cookies in order to enjoy the website. You can set your browser to reject cookies; however, we would not be able to offer you the personalized free predictions that are available on the website.
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