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Dr. S. Sengottuvel did research on following fields for the past 28 years and he found Numerology is connected with following events in human life.


All human being in this world wish to live healthy, But it is not possible for most of the peoples. Some peoples from their childhood, suffering by health problems, some people’s health problem starts in their “adult life” it is all depends upon their body resistance. But one thing is common, whoever is having a Negative Vibration Name they will have health problems.

Negative name vibration makes negative biological change in their body and damage the biological mechanism. Let us see about the birth and fate numbers and its health problems based on “Sengs Systems” of Numerology.


Now a days, accidents are common in India. Due to heavy traffics, poor door signals, unskilled driving (or) rash driving, over speed, drunk and drive, carelessness in road these are all common facts for accidents.

Apart from the above facts I have observed, whoever is having Name number in 4 or 8, they only facing accidents. Number four and eight took more involvement for accidents. Also dates like 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st and 8th, 17th, 26th are all accident dates.

In the above dates, persons with name number 4 and 8 are facing accidents. Depends upon the accidents they are facing injury or death. (1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011 = 4 Number years; 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015 = these are all number 8 year) these years meant for accidents and natural disasters. Those who are having No.4 or 8 as a Name Number or birth / fate Number should be careful in this kind of years.

I have made research in Hospitals, Insurance companies and police stations about accidents. Whoever is having name number 4 or 8, they only met accidents.

Some time good name number persons are also met accidents, while travelling with 4 or 8 name number persons.


In this Article I am telling you about Luck and Unluck. Everyone’s life is based on his luck. If luck is so strong, he will enjoy the life. But most of the peoples does not knows, from where luck is coming. Numerology takes major roll in luck point of view. If the person’s name is lucky as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology, then he will be a lucky person. Even his date of birth is not powerful. Lucky dates, Lucky numbers are one of the major roll in lucky environment.

If Lucky named person take an important challenging work in lucky date, then work will get completed successfully even work is so hard, hence “Sengs Systems” of Numerological vibrations works in all human life.

In my research, animals also facing Lucky and Unlucky results according to its date of birth and Pet Name.


Every man is measured by his character or his behavior. Some are having good character, some are having bad character. Even in a single family out of three children one is having very good character and others two with bad character.


These are all depends upon which date they born, according to the date of birth, every individual is having some specific character.

Most of the parents are expecting good character from their children. But practically it is not possible. Some child become a famous person, some child become a scholar in education, some child become a scientist, some child become a saint, some child become a criminal, some child become a low character man and rejected by the society.


All are depends upon the date of birth and Name Vibrations.

In case of date of birth, we cannot alter it. But we can alter the Name of a man in to positive vibration Name, and then he or she will be shine like diamond.

Name is everything if you understand the power of name, you can do miracle in this world.


If one’s name is lucky as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology then he will be having good relationship with family, relatives, friends, and society.

If the name is unlucky as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology he will be misunderstood by family members, relatives, friends, and society.


If the name is not match with date of birth of the man, then he will be tempting for alcoholic and became a drunkard. May be male or female, it is not a question. His or her life will be spoiled by alcoholic habit.


To correct the drunkard man into non alcoholic, changing his or her name by “Sengs Systems” of Numerological Lucky vibration is the only solution. In my 28 years of experience, I have converted lot of alcoholics into non alcoholic by changing their name. Now they are living happy. No meaning of advice, No meaning of counseling, No meaning of prayer, No meaning of treatment. Only solution is changing the drunkards name in to positive vibration by “Sengs Systems”.


If the name is in Negative Vibration, then Drug addiction will be killing the man’s life. I have seen lot of students, and other young people with bad vibration names are addicted for drugs. Numerological bad vibration name is a major roll in Drug addiction.


To recover these kind of addiction making the bad vibration name into “Sengs Systems” of Numerological positive vibration name. Only by positive vibration of name one can change his life. No meaning of advice, No meaning of counseling, No meaning of prayer, No meaning of treatment. Only solution is changing the drunkards name in to positive vibration.

In my 28 years of experience I have converted lot of drug addicts into normal man by “Sengs Systems” of Numerology. Now they are living happy.


If the person’s name is in Negative vibration, he will be having misbehaving in sexuality. Most of the Rape attempt person’s name I have been analyzed, all are having Negative name vibrations. Womanizing, always sex thoughts, immorality sex behavior, too much masturbation in youth; these kinds of characters arise only by unlucky name vibration.

I have analyzed most of the women harassment-accused persons; all are having Negative Vibrations Names as per Numerology.


Only by altering the name as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerological positive vibration from negative vibration, this positive vibration name, slowly, slowly, changes his mind in positive thinking, and he or she will get good name in the society.

In my 28 years of experience I have converted lot of peoples as good persons by changing the Name by “Sengs Systems”of Numerological Positive Vibration.


I have observed lot of criminals in my life, those who are having Negative vibration names, they only attempting theft. Because negative name makes his as a negative person by his negative thought, I also analyzed records from police stations, lawyers, everywhere I am finding the criminals, all are with negative vibration names.


Only by altering the Negative Vibration name into Positive Vibration, by “Sengs Systems” of Numerological calculations I can make a thief into good persons. By Law and Order, we can make some fear in the society. But we cannot change the persons. Thief always will be thief only. Fundamental change is changing the mind. Very root of the mind. Only by”Sengs Systems” of Numerology, we can easily change one’s life as a honest life.


Most of the suicide persons are having Negative name number. Negative name makes negative thinking. Negative thoughts make suicide attempts.

I have done research in police stations, from the year 1985 onward, whoever is having negative name number they only, attempted or died out of suicide. Even for a small problem they are attempting suicide.


If you are having suicide thoughts in your mind, I kindly request you to please alter your name as a positive vibration name immediately as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology. Then life will be happy. You will have lot of will power.


Most of the murders are having negative name number. Most of the peoples told me, Sir, I am having murder tempt, even for a small problem. Then I have analyzed the name of the person, I find, negative vibrations in the name. According to “Sengs Systems” of Numerology Science, Negative Vibration names always gives negative thoughts only.


If you are having murder tempting in your mind please change or alter your name as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerological positive vibration name. We cannot change bad persons into good persons by advice, Law and Order, by Punishment. We can make some certain level of social fear.

But, only by “Sengs Systems” of Numerology Science we can convert any kind of evil person by changing his or her name as a Positive Vibration Name.

Name is everything. Life is based on Name only. Lucky name gives Lucky Life. Unlucky name gives Unlucky Life.

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