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About the Gem Stones


Q : What is Gem Stone?

Gem stone is a mineral taken from the earth; it attracts cosmic rays and transfer into human body.

Q : To choose the right Gem Stone, can I go for Astrology or Numerology Consultations?

Any Numerologist who is advising for the Gems must have Gemology and Astrology knowledge. Numerologist Dr. S. Sengottuvel is having immense knowledge about Gemology and Astrology.

Dr. S. Sengottvel will analyze the strong and weaker numbers of your Numeric chart and strong and weaker planets of your Astrological chart, through this calculations, he will advice you a right Gem Stone for your better life.

Q : For what kind of purpose the Gem Stone can be used?

Gem Stones normally boosting the power of a weaker numbers and weaker planets, also it nullifying the powers of negative numbers and negative planets. So, Gem Stone can be used for Luck, Financial growth, Health, Marriage, Love compatibility, Educations, Popularity, Social attraction, Political leadership, Husband wife relationship, Child birth problem, mental disorders and so on.

Q : How to find the good quality of Gem Stone?

A Numerologist will know what types of inclusions are permissible in a particular gemstone. The more flawless a gem and the greater the saturation of color, the higher will be its value.

Gems must not be heat-treated to enhance color or clarity, nor irradiated or treated in any way to improve their appearance. It is a fact that 98% of all sapphires and rubies, as well as certain other stones, are subjected to heat treatment, such as irradiation, to improve their appearance. In some cases, heat-treated gems such as rubies or blue sapphires may still be very expensive because in the jewelry trade it is accepted and does not reduce the value of the gemstone. For jyotish numeric (or) ayurvedic purposes, this nullifies the inherent potencies and effectively “kills” the gemstone. So, always buy gems from a specialist to ensure they are totally natural and untreated.

Q : Can I use the Artificial Gem Stones?

Gems to be capable of transmitting cosmic, planetary rays that may enhance physical, emotional, or spiritual health or attract positive influences, they must firstly be natural. SYNTHETIC GEMS are created in a laboratory and do not have the capability to absorb, reflect or transmit cosmic radiations. They are not effective for any type of healing whatsoever.

Q : Which country is the main source for Gems?

Since ancient times, INDIA has been a prized source of Gems.

Q : Is there any historical evidence by using the Gem Stones?

Gems are storehouses of power. This power is transmitted when the gemstone comes in contact with the human body. Kings and queens were known to have gemstones set in their crowns to harness their power and potency. High Priests wore rings and pendants studded with gemstones during ritual ceremonies, and as a sign of their elevated status. Gems exhibit their powers in subtle or direct, beneficial or detrimental ways.

Ancient cultures used gems and sound vibrations to direct the subtle forces of nature. The occult power of gems is said to have caused natural calamities such as the destruction of Atlantis. They are said to have been the catalyst for moving huge blocks of stone that were used to build the pyramids in Egypt.

Ancient scriptures of various faiths have described gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny. Gems bring peace, prosperity and happiness. Favorable gems bestow name, fame and power.

Q : Where to buy the Gem Stones?

Usually gems are in some way treated, or enhanced, and although they are beautiful to look at and still worth their monetary cost in the trade, they no longer possess their inherent vibratory healing qualities. Trust only companies that specialize in natural gemstones and give an unconditional guarantee.

Q : Is there any procedure to be followed to set the Gem Stones in a ring or a pendant?

Once you have bought the gemstone of your choice, it should be set in a ring or a pendant. You must ensure that the gem is set in such a way so the stone stays in contact with the skin. Gems should be set singly by themselves, as certain gems are incompatible with others and may produce undesired effects if set together in the same piece of jewelry. However, there are certain exceptions, as in the case of specific talismans, where certain gemstones are set together to benefit from their combined effect.

Q : How to choose the right fingers to wear the Gem Stone rings?

It’s important to wear gemstone rings on the prescribed fingers. A Yellow Sapphire must be worn on the index or forefinger as it signifies the planet Jupiter. The middle finger stands for Saturn, so the Blue Sapphire should be worn on it. The third or ‘ring finger’ is for the Sun, Moon, and Mars, so a Ruby, Pearl, or Red Coral ring should be worn on it. The little finger stands for Mercury, so this is the optimum finger for wearing a ring set with an emerald or green jade.

In palmistry, the thumb is connected to the ‘Mount of Venus’. As we don’t generally wear rings on the thumb, diamonds rings should be worn on a friendly planet’s finger, either the middle finger (Saturn), or the small finger (Mercury). Hessonite and Cat’s Eye are also worn on either the small or middle finger. Pendants are best worn at either the throat chakra or the heart chakra level for maximum effect.

Q : Is there any prescribed size of the Gem Stone to wear in the ring or pendant?

The size of the gemstone is also important. Most of the primary gems that include Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Hessonites are facet-cut and transparent. These stones should be over 1 carat, or more, depending upon your budget. Diamonds and Rubies are so potent that a 1 carat gemstone should be sufficient. (There are five carats to a gram of weight).

Pearls are chosen by size and weight, depending upon one’s body weight. Generally, a pearl of 5 carats is quite potent. A Red Coral should be at least 6 to 8 carats, and a Cat’s Eye at least 3 carats in weight. The price of a gemstone is determined by its purity, clarity and weight and so may vary between different gemstones.

Q : How many precious Gem Stones are available?

There are 9 precious Gem Stones are available. And they are as follows: Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hossonite and Cat’s Eye.

Q : How may Semi-precious Gem Stones are available?

There are 84 kinds of gems. Of these, there are only 9 major or precious gems while the rest are categorized as semi-precious gems. Some of the popular semi-precious gems are:

Amber, Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Goldstone, Green jade, Lodestone, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moon Stone, Opal, Peridot, Serpentine, Tourmaline, Turquoise, onyx and so on.

Q : What is Navaratna and who can wear it?

Nvaratna is the astrological combination of Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu), and Cat’s Eye (Ketu). The setting of Navratna or the 9 precious gems, in their proper sequence or placement in a ring or a pendant, is prescribed in the Vedas, and can be worn by young and old alike to great benefit. One can wear it even if one doesn’t have a horoscope, or without prior consultation.

Each gemstone is specific to a certain planet and imbibes the positive traits of that planet and numbers.

Benefits of Nava-Ratna: Beneficial in diseases especially those caused by poisons. The person wearing it will not suffer any ill fortune. It also helps remove obstacles and protects against danger.

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