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Q : What is Numeric Yanthra?

Ans: Ancient practitioners of numerology prescribe, that a square figure divided in to 9 sub squares each filled with certain number stands for a particular number.

Q : What material is used for writing the Yanthra?

Ans: To make the Numeric Yanthra, Golden plates, Silver plates, Copper plates can be used. Numbers are carved over these plates.

Q : Is there any need to make a glass frame over the Yanthra?

Ans: Yes, you can make a glass frames. But no compulsory.

Q : For making Numeric Yanthra can we use papers?

Ans: Yes, you can write the number over the paper, and it should be energized, and framed with glass.

Q : What is the use of Numeric Yanthra?

Ans: If a particular planet, let us say, the Sun or Mars or Venus is weak in an individual’s horoscope, then it is recommended that the individual should draw the square of the related planet (the Sun or Mars or Venus), and wear it around his right arm as a lucky talisman to augment the influence of these planets. Also, the talisman may be worn to mitigate the evil effects of the concerned planets. Thus, to mitigate the evil effects of Mars, an individual should wear the talisman recommended for Mars.

Q : What are the details required to make Yanthra for my birth date?


Q : After wearing the Numeric Yanthra within how many days, can I get result?

Ans: You can find the good result within 15 days.

Q : For wearing this Yanthra, name changing is required or not?

Ans: Before you wearing Yanthra, you must alter your name according to Numero Science, as a Lucky Name. Then only this Yanthra will work perfectly.

Q : What will happen, if Yanthra is weared by unlucky named man?

Ans: It will not give any good results, some time it makes bad results also. So, you must alter your name as per numerology and then wear the Yanthra.

Q : Is there any age limit for wearing this Yanthra?

Ans: No age limit. Anybody can wear it.

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