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How to use your Lucky Numbers

Without exception almost everyone wants to know their lucky or important number and how to use it to their advantage. Some want to use their lucky number for making important dates and decisions or for taking interviews. Others will want to know their lucky number for entertainment purposes, for speculation, marriage, first dates, or for success in their plans.

The first thing you need to know is what is your lucky number? The second is how to increase the power of your lucky number once you’ve found it. Your lucky or important number is determined from your date of birth – it’s just that simple. Thousands of years of observations by those interested in Numerology have proven that the date you were born in the luckiest and most important number for you. For example, take someone born August 14th (1+4=5), 5 is that person’s lucky number. For a person born December 7th, 7 would be the lucky number and it should be match with your destiny number.

So, now that you’ve found your lucky number, how do you increase its power? First, you must begin to concentrate on it. Begin to look forward to the day your lucky number appears in the month. If your lucky number is 5, such as the 5th, 14th (1+4=5) and 23rd (2+3=5), offers you the best chance for success. The person with 3 as a lucky number would best use the 3rd, 12th (1+2=3), 21st (2+1=3), and 30th (3+0=3) of the month to speculate, make decisions, take tests, have interviews, etc.

This rule applies to all numbers with the exception of 4 and 8. Because of the peculiar, sudden, and sometimes turbulent qualities of the numbers 4 and 8, their power should NOT BE INCREASED. An alternate number should be used instead. Persons born under the numbers 4 and 8 encounter difficulty and misfortune more often than any others. Therefore, the 4 person should choose the number 1 as their lucky or important number, and act on dates adding up to the 1st, 10th (1+0=1), 19th (1+9=10/1) and 28th (2+8=10/1) of the month. The 8 person should choose the number 3 and use dates adding up to the 3rd, 12th (1+2=3), 21st (2+1=3), and 30th (3+0=3), for important plans, speculations, and actions.

When you begin using the rule of determining your lucky and important number, and then increasing its power, you’ll begin to notice a marked improvement in your personal and business affairs. The changes will not be immediate or overnight, but should be noticeable in the short space of about 3 months. It depends on how much you concentrate on increasing the power of your lucky number.

Note : Your lucky number is concerned with your Birth Number, Fate Number, Name Number, Month Number, Year Number and Your Karmic Number.

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