People are doing murder for small reasons. I have analyzed the names of these peoples and I have found negative name vibration is the main reason.

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Features of Basic Plan

  1. If the Existing Name is eligible for the alteration, It will be altered as per Basic System of Numerology
  2. 5 New Names will be given
  3. Basic System of Numerology applied for new name selection using Date of Birth

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A Existing name with alteration(if it is eligible for the alteration)and You can get 5 New Names

Remedy for Murder Tempting

Most of the murders are having negative name number. Most of the peoples told me, Sir, I am having murder tempt, even for a small problem. Then I have analyzed the name of the person, I find, negative vibrations in the name. According to “Sengs Systems” of Numerology Science, Negative Vibration names always gives negative thoughts only.


If you are having murder tempting in your mind please change or alter your name as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerological positive vibration name. We cannot change bad persons into good persons by advice, Law and Order, by Punishment. We can make some certain level of social fear.

But, only by “Sengs Systems” of Numerology Science we can convert any kind of evil person by changing his or her name as a Positive Vibration Name.

Name is everything. Life is based on Name only. Lucky name gives Lucky Life. Unlucky name gives Unlucky Life.

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