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Your Passions and Weaknesses

What are your passions, innermost wants, drives, and desires? Do you know in what areas of life your weaknesses and Karmic challenges lie? Thanks to Numerology, these questions can be answered through your name numbers. The method of arriving at these answers can be found by using the “Table of Traits,” or the “Magic Box.”

Each of us have certain inner needs, wants and desires as well as flaws and weaknesses which require further development. But in what areas of life, and in what way?

The purpose of the Table of Traits, or Magic Box, is to determine how many times a particular number or numbers are repeated in your name. The more a particular number is repeated, the more intense is that desire or passion in the area the numbers represent. And the reverse is also true – when a number or numbers are missing in your name, they point to weaknesses or challenges. They indicate your Karma and areas that must be overcome and developed in order to make you a well rounded person.

The table of Traits, or Magic Box, looks like this :

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

On the left is the Magic Box without the numbers filled in. As you can see, it is constructed like the tic-tac-toe box you played with as a youngster. Each box represents certain abilities and characteristics that will be explained. The box on the right is the how the Magic Box looks when the numbers are filled in, showing where each number from 1 to 9 should be placed. Now, let’s fill in the Magic Box.

Box #1 :

Represents your ability to rely upon yourself and your own resources. Your ability to stand alone, make decisions, and be independent of others. Denotes your will, pride, and ego. Three 1s are average.

Many 1s :

Strong desire to dominate, be in control, or take the lead. Very aggressive, forceful, original, determined, and demanding of others and self.

Few / No 1s :

Lacks of self-confidence; others tend to dominate the will. Indecisive, unable to decide or stick to decisions, lacks sunny disposition.

Box #2 :

Represents your ability to work in harmony and cooperation with others. Also denotes your ability to be patient, to attend to details, to be considerate and understanding of others, especially in domestic or romantic matters. One 2 is average.

Many 2s :

Usually oversensitive and emotional. May be too dependent on others; a natural collector of things; has power of persuasion, very psychic and observant; love of details and concepts.

Few / No 2s :

Impatient with self and others, moody, impressionable, weak, shy, Lacks ability to cooperate with others, lacks consideration and understanding.

Box #3 :

Represents your ability to be creative and self-expressive, especially in artistic ways. Also represenets ones ability to be positive, optimistic and socially outgoing. Also denotes your ambition and desire to get ahead. One 3 is average.

Many 3s :

Very ambitious, very positive, artistic, and expressive. Confident, strong need to be popular, a social animal, talkative, dictatorial.

Few / No 3s :

Inferiority complex, inarticulate, superficial, boastful, socially shy, lacks ambition or drive, leans toward overindulgence.

Box #4 :

Represents your ability to endure, work, and attend to details. This box or area of life denotes the ability to establish order and systems, routines and methods, to organize and structure things. One 4 is average.

Many 4s :

Strong desire to work and deal with life in practical ways; and an equally strong desire to be different from others. Such a person is very methodical, mechanically and mathematically inclined, and able to reform and reverse the rules of things.

Few / No 4s :

Unable or slow to accept change; rigid or narrow in outlook; is moody and critical, especially of self; lacks concentration and organization.

Box #5 :

This area of life represents the ability to handle the right use of freedom; the ability to deal with change and the unexpected. Also denotes one’s ability to deal with life experiences. Three 5s are average.

Many 5s :

Strong desire to be free and independent, and to deal with the public in some way. This person is very changeable and curious, has literary talents; may overindulge in matters of sex, drink, or drugs.

Few / No 5 :

Inability or lack of desire to accept change or to deal with people. Has difficulty adjusting to life experiences. May need to learn the hard way; can misuse freedom and change.

Box #6 :

This is the area of life that deals with home, family, loved ones, and other domestic matters. Represents an ability to handle duty and responsibility. Also denotes and ability to make adjustments when needed, to create harmony, and to accept things the way they really are. One 6 is average.

Many 6s :

Strong concerns about family ties and relationships. A need to take on responsibilities or counsel others in some way. Desire to comfort. Can become a domestic tyrant.

Few / No 6s :

Inability to deal with commitments or to make adjustments. Slow to make decisions; poor judgment of people and situations; there will be challenges in the home or love life.

Box #7 :

This box shows an ability to analyze and take things apart; to look beneath the surface or things; the ability to handle theories and fundamentals of a technical nature; to comprehend the unseen. One 7 is average, but is often missing in a name.

Many 7s :

Very analytical and technical turn of mind; a strong desire to gather knowledge, to be independent, to understand the unseen. There is an equally strong need for privacy and peace and quiet. Many 7s are rare.

Few / No 7s :

Suggests a need to look deeper into matters when approached; a need to develop a more analytical mind; little concern for religion and the unseen; superstitious and pessimistic.

Box #8 :

This area of your life denotes material and financial matters. It represents the world of judgment, concentration of purpose, and the ability to handle power, authority, and achievement. Three 8’s are average.

Many 8s :

Strong desire for money, important positions, and material achievements. Such a person is philosophical and serious-minded, with a desire to organize; can be a religious zealot.

Few / No 8s :

Lack of judgment, especially in the material and financial world. Can be despondent, even morbid, if not positive. Unable to concentrate on purposes, especially those of a long-term nature.

Box #9 :

Shows the ability to get along with your fellows and to have a broad outlook; the ability to sacrifice for the good for all. The ability to determine one’s destiny. Three 9’s are average.

Many 9s :

Strong desire to be one’s own master and control one’s destiny; great concern with the problems and events of the world. This person has much courage, energy, and leadership and organizational ability.

Few / No 9s :

Lack of compassion; lack of direction and inspiration; impulsive and quick tempered; has a narrow outlook and little concern for anyone else.

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