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At this moment in time, the time that it takes for you to read this passage, there is someone in the world being born, there is someone being sacked from his or her employment, someone has just received good news, someone has just been told some bad news, someone is dying, someone is on their first plane flight, someone has just passed a driving test, I could go on and on, but please think of what I am saying.

All life is in VIBRATION… there is a ‘pulse’ that can be felt if only you sit down and think of the world at large, think of the VIBRATIONS all around us.

As you sit and read this article there is radio waves, television waves and who knows how many other waves are passing through your body, we may not be able to see or feel these waves but you cannot dispute what I say, I hope in the chapters to follow to make you aware of some other ‘waves’ or VIBRATIONS.

The clue to such may help you towards a better life. Numbers give us a clue to the VIBRATIONS that I will be talking about.

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