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I believe we are all created for a purpose, each one of us has a goal to fulfill, regardless of how we see our lives each one of us is on a path of some sort, slowly but surely our goals in life are being ‘walked’ out, no one leaves this life before his or her ‘time’ is up. I feel that each and every one of us has a place in the divine plan that we call life, it is also my belief that we were born with a ‘map’ so as to guide us through life.

Call this ‘map’ what you will, but all around us we are looking for a purpose to our lives or to understand the reasons of why we face problems the way we do. We have all heard the old sayings: “It’s on the cards” of “it’s in the stars”, etc. etc. It is my belief that numbers can give us a clue to some of the mysteries of life.

Each one of us must search for our own path, no matter which path we choose, as long as it helps us to understand our lives a little better, then path must be considered the right path for us. ‘NUMEROLOGY’ or science of numbers has been my path; please allow me to share that path with you.

In the chapters to come, you will learn how to find your own numbers, you will find out the numbers of your friends and family, you will learn what each numbers means.

You will find out how numbers (or VIBRATIONS) affect your personality, your feelings, and your career. You will be able to work out your compatible numbers giving you an understanding of your partner, of if you have no partner you will find out how to choose one compatible to you.

You will learn the traits and the faults of each number. There is so many things that you will be able to find out about each number that you will be amazed at how easy it is to control the path of our destinies for better for worse.

You will learn the value of colours, and how they affect our lives. The chapters that follow will give the days of the week that are favorable to your number, you will learn what jewels vibrate with your number. The months of the your in which to plan for, or to watch and prepare for, will also be explained to you.

You will learn how to choose the right house number, your will learn how to choose the right car according to it’s number. “Remember, numbers give a clue to the VIBRATIONS and all life is in VIBRATIONS”. There is a ‘pulse’ to this life of ours, and if we just pause of a moment we can feel this ‘pulse’. If you think in terms of VIBRATIONS, you will learn to predict the out-come of certain events; you will find the value of your name and what it means. If you follow each step carefully, you will be able to plan your life a little easier.

Before we go any further, let me give you my reasons for believing that numbers are very important to us. “We have all heard the old sayings, ‘his number was up, or, my days are numbered’ etc. etc. Even in the bible it is said that hairs on your head are numbered”. Look around you at all the numbers that surround you, there is your house of flat number.

You will have a bank account number, a credit card number, you will have a medical insurance number, in fact, all around you there are numbers that vibrate without you knowing about them, but each and every one has a purpose to fulfill in life, every one of them is pulsating to it’s own rhythm.

Today, more so that at any other time in history to we depend on numbers, computers today are a fact of life and computers store so much of their information in numbers that sometimes you are more of a number that a name. Numbers are everywhere and whether we like it or not we are recorded “from the cradle to the grave”.

Have you ever had the experience of ever having to identify yourself to someone requiring you identification? Did you notice that your name was not enough, that the person seeking your identity was not happy till he received something with a number on it?! You are now beginning to grasp what I mean, numbers play such an important role in our lives that they should not be taken for granted.

I hope, in the chapters that follow to give you as much information on numbers that you will be able to understand the VIBRATIONS to your life.

Keep in mind that all around you there is numbers and numbers give a clue to VIBRATIONS, and all life is VIBRATION. Knowing how to put your numbers in harmony will help you to put your life in harmony.

One of the reasons for writing this article is to make clear all the confusion that surrounds the subject of numbers, I have not written this article to confuse the average person, I feel that if we have a system of understanding our lives then we can make our lives easier.

There would be no point in going into the deeper aspects of number VIBRATIONS; there is no point in mystifying numbers.

You will find that the system in this article will prove itself to be the simplest of systems, and usually it is the simplest thing in life that are the hardest to grasp… as first.

I fully believe that anyone who puts to the test the system that I teach will be surprised at the results in a very short time. If our numbers are in harmony (and again I say that numbers are a clue to the VIBRATIONS around us) then our lives will be in harmony. If the numbers around us are in complete cacophony then our lives will be in a state of disarray, so please journey with me through a world of numbers.

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